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The Influence Of Social Support On Career Decision-making Difficulties Of College Students

Posted on:2022-08-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2507306314475214Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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In 2020,there will be as many as 8.74 million college graduates in China.In the employment process of college students in China,on the one hand,it is difficult to find a job.The number of college graduates is increasing rapidly,coupled with the impact of COVID-19 epidemic,the road of college students seeking employment is extremely difficult.On the other hand,enterprises can not find the talents they need.The reason is that college students have difficulties in employment and career choice.Therefore,how to face such a severe employment situation of college students and how to effectively solve the difficulties of college students' employment and career decision-making has become a focus of common concern of the society,the government,colleges and families.The career decision-making difficulties facing the college students is a variety of,may be they want to be engaged in which industry is for your own future is fuzzy,or they haven't yet to make up their own career development planning,most scholars are based on the Angle carries on the analysis of college students themselves,but ignored an important factor is external intervention that social support,and will help in their career decision-making difficulties problems.This study USES the theory of social support and self-efficacy theory as the research of the theoretical basis,study the issue of career decision-making difficulties of college students,and based on the basis of predecessors' research,draw lessons from previous scale,by adopting the combination of online and offline method to survey 354 college students in Shanxi Province,and conduct the thorough research to the use of statistical software,the following conclusions:1.The influence mechanism of social support on college students' career decision-making difficultiesSocial support negatively affects college students' career decision-making difficulties,and the four dimensions of social support: material support,suggestion support,emotional support and information support respectively have a negative impact on college students' career decision-making difficulties.The results show that social support can reduce the level of difficulty in making career decisions through the substantial material support,emotional encouragement and understanding,clear information and effective advice obtained by college students.2.Mediating role of career decision-making self-efficacyThe self-efficacy of college students' belief that they can complete a certain task also has an intervention effect on their decision-making difficulties.Social support can reduce the level of their decision-making difficulties by improving their self-efficacy in career decision-making.3.The moderating effect of psychological capitalCollege students' difficulties in the process of career decision-making will also be interfered by the psychological capital of college students.This paper discusses the influence of self-decision-making and self-efficacy on college students in the process of career decision-making through the three dimensions of psychological capital: resilience,hope and optimism.It can be seen from the research that psychological capital has a moderating effect on the relationship between college students' career decision-making self-efficacy and career decision-making difficulty.In this paper,the intervention of external social support and the adjustment of internal psychological factors jointly help college students to make career decisions difficult.Conclusion of this study on the one hand,for the society,government,colleges and universities,the impact of family on college students' career decision-making to provide certain theoretical basis,at the same time also can provide the majority of college students' career development with the development of a certain direction,to effective social support and psychological guidance,enhance its compressive ability and problem solving skills,lower levels of the career decision-making difficulties of college students.
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