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Study On The Impact Of Foreign Direct Investment On Employment In Liaoning Province

Posted on:2022-02-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:P Y ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2507306320975139Subject:International business
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With the acceleration of the pace of economic globalization,the degree of Chinese market opening to the outside world is also gradually increasing.Since 1978,China has implemented market opening,international enterprises have continuously increasing investment in China,greatly promoting China's economic growth.At the same time,the most important issue is the situation of employment,so it is very valuable to study the relationship between employment and FDI.Liaoning,the rapid absorption of foreign direct investment,is an important part of northeast China and a big economic province,so the international foreign investment at China will give priority to Liaoning investment.In recent years,the population loss in Northeast China is serious,leading to the employment problems in Northeast China,so the paper chose Liaoning Province as the research object.When studying the influence of foreign direct investment on employment in Liaoning Province adopted quantitative and qualitative combination.Firstly,the qualitative analysis of FDI on employment in Liaoning Province,then further empirical analysis.The paper is divided into five parts,the first theory,including the research purpose,significance and value,research methods,literature review and research deficiencies and innovation points;the second part of the influence of foreign direct investment on employment;the third part of foreign direct investment and employment in Liaoning Province;the fourth part is the empirical analysis of the impact of foreign direct investment on employment,is the core part of the paper.First,the time series is applied for the FDI situation and structure in Liaoning Province,and the main method is least squares(Ordinary Least Square,OLS)in linear regression analysis.Then the ADF unit root test method is used to test the stationery of the time series.The sequence was processed by co-correction test,error correction model and Granger causal test.Meanwhile,14 municipal panel data are also used to analyze the regional heterogeneity of foreign direct investment on employment;as the conclusion and policy suggestions,the FDI investment in Liaoning has a positive impact on employment quality,quantity and employment structure,and the value of employment quality is significantly different.According to the different influences of FDI,targeted suggestions and measures to better promote the maximum positive effect on employment in Liaoning Province.
Keywords/Search Tags:Liaoning Province, FDI, Quality of employment, Quantity of employment, Employment structure
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