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Research On Teachers' Quality Of Ideological And Political Theory Course In Colleges And Universities In The New Era

Posted on:2022-07-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2507306341978129Subject:Ideological and political education
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Ideological and political theory course is the key course to foster virtue through education.College ideological instruction class is shouldering the national ideology education mission of the classroom,and it is the main channel of ideological and political education.It undertakes the important task of preaching Marxism theory and the theory of socialism with Chinese characteristics.Ideology and politics course plays an irreplaceable role on the way of cultivating new generations who can take on the great responsibility of national rejuvenation.In education,teachers should take the priority.They are the main force in the position of establishing moral education in colleges and universities.They are responsible for the mission of spreading Marxism,guiding young people to establish ideals and beliefs correctly,and bearing the important task of cultivating socialist builders and successors of the times.The quality and ability of the teachers affect the effectiveness of teaching and determine whether the classes in colleges and universities can truly play the role of leading,guiding and nurturing contemporary college students.He stressed that "the key to running ideological and political courses well lies in teachers,and the key lies in giving play to teachers' enthusiasm,initiative and creativity.The important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping clearly points out the new opportunities and new challenges faced by teachers of Civics and Political Science,puts forward new requirements for the quality of teachers of Civics and Political Science in the new era,emphasizes the importance of teachers of Civics and Political Science to continuously strengthen their own quality,clarifies the important mission of teachers of Civics and Political Science to promote the reform and innovation of Civics and Political Science,provides more specific guidelines for strengthening the construction of teachers of Civics and Political Science in the new era,and points out the road and direction for the future.The first part of this paper starts with the definition of the concept,elaborates the connotation of the ideological and political theory course teachers' quality,and focuses on the composition and requirements of the ideological and political theory course teachers' quality in universities in the new era.The second part analyses the overall condition of new times education courses in colleges and universities teachers' accomplishment,found education courses in colleges and universities teachers' literacy level is improving,but some are still political beliefs,professional level of teachers,teaching experience,the innovation ability and strengthen moral standards of the existing problems,and then from the aspects of external factors and their own factors influence the cause of the literacy education courses in colleges and universities teachers.Combined with the Regulations on the Construction of Ideological and Political Science Teachers in Colleges and Universities in the New Era issued by the Ministry of Education in January 2020,the third part of this paper proposes countermeasures to improve the quality of ideological and political science teachers in colleges and universities in the new era from two levels.On the one hand,it puts forward the methods of strengthening the construction of their own quality of ideological and political teachers from the four aspects of ideal and belief,professional ethics,teaching innovation and personality charm;on the other hand,it puts forward the ways of improving the guarantee of external conditions from the four aspects of discipline construction,evaluation and assessment,training and guarantee management.
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