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The Effect Of College Students' Physical Exercise On Mobile Phone Dependence: The Mediating Effect Of Psychological Capital And Subjective Well-being

Posted on:2022-10-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2507306479995229Subject:Applied Psychology
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This research aims to discuss whether there is a mediating effect between psychological capital and subjective well-being between physical exercise and mobile phone dependence.Using the questionnaire survey method,the "Mobile Phone Addiction Propensity Scale(MPATS)","Physical Activity Rating Scale(PARS-3)","Positive Psychological Capital Scale(PPQ)" and "Subjective The "Happiness Scale" implemented a test to explore the relationship between physical exercise,psychological capital,subjective well-being and mobile phone dependence.There were 1135 valid questionnaires in this study,and the questionnaire effective rate reached 94.6%.Use SPSS and macro programs PROCESS and AMOS to test the data samples and draw conclusions:(1)The total amount of physical exercise of college students is relatively low,and their psychological capital,subjective well-being and mobile phone dependence are at a moderate level;(2)There are significant differences in demographic variables in college students' physical exercise,psychological capital,subjective well-being,and mobile phone dependence;(3)There is a significant negative correlation between college students' physical exercise,psychological capital and subjective well-being and mobile phone dependence;(4)Physical exercise,psychological capital and subjective well-being of college students can significantly negatively predict mobile phone dependence;(5)The test results of path analysis found that psychological capital and subjective well-being have a chain-like mediating effect in the influence of physical exercise on mobile phone dependence.Direct effect path: physical exercise?mobile phone dependence;mediation effect path: physical exercise?psychological capital?mobile phone dependence,physical exercise?subjective well-being?mobile phone dependence;chain mediation path:physical exercise?psychological capital?subjective well-being?mobile phone rely.
Keywords/Search Tags:college students, physical exercise, psychological capital, subjective well-being, mobile phone dependence
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