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Research On The Quadruple Life View Education Of Contemporary College Students

Posted on:2022-04-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2507306494954839Subject:Ideological and political education
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Life is valuable,but life belongs to us only once.As people with spiritual consciousness and social attributes,we should not only be based on the existence of natural life,but also discover the value of life,promote the development of life and complete the transcendence of life in the process of developing and enriching humanistic life.The concept of life is fundamental attitude and view of life,which determines the life consciousness and life behavior of people.The research on the concept of life is the inevitable result of the development process of modernization,and it is people's pursuit of a higher level of humanistic life on the basis of solving the basic survival problems.College students are the fresh blood to promote social development and the backbone to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.The healthy growth and all-round development of college students is the common expectation of the family,society and even the country.But in recent years,the value of life of college students is confused,ignore life,waste life,and even do harm to life and other behaviors occur from time to time.Therefore,the research on college students' outlook on life and its education is extremely urgent.the quadruple concept of life education in this paper is the refinement and reorganization of its connotation on the basis of the current educational research on the concept of life.Taking the four dimensions of life consciousness education,life values education,life development education and life realm education as the foothold of holistic life outlook education is a kind of education,in the process of completing the goals of each stage step by step,the resultant force is formed to construct a perfect life system.At the same time,through the investigation of the current situation of college students' outlook on life education,this paper analyzes the problems and causes,and puts forward corresponding countermeasures from the perspective of quadruple outlook on life order to help college students to establish a correct sense of life,clear value of life,the pursuit of life development,achieve life transcendence,for college students to achieve youth dream,join the social construction escort.This paper is divided into four parts:The first part expounds the relevant theories of the education of the quadruple views of life,combs the theoretical guidance of the education of the quadruple values of life of college students,and defines the main contents of the education of the quadruple values of life of college students.The second part through the investigation of the current situation of college students' outlook on life education,it is found that its effect is reflected in the high recognition of the education of outlook on life,the continuous extension of the research perspective and in the overall effectiveness of life view education is strong.The existing problems are as follows:the content of life education is more simple,the way is more monotonous,the life education effect of some college students is more negative,which provides a factual basis for further analysis of the causes of the problems.The third part summarizes the causes of the problems existing in the current college students' outlook on life education from two aspects: the degree of theoretical research and the system composition,so as to lay a foundation for further exploring the optimization path of college students' outlook on life education.The fourth part expounds the optimization countermeasures of the quadruple life view education,that is,to give full play to the leading role of ideological and political education,to further deepen the regulatory role of mental health education,and to build the quadruple life view education teaching system,so as to provide a meaningful reference for college students to form a positive and healthy life view and perfect life view education.
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