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The Influence Of Dating Shows On Youth's Love And Marriage View And Countermeasures

Posted on:2022-05-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2507306494969229Subject:Ideological and political education
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The main contradiction of our society in the new era is the contradiction between the people's growing needs for a better life and the unbalanced and inadequate development.Youth is the main force in the pursuit of a better life,and also the main group of good emotional needs.They are active in thinking,in the prime of their youth and rich in emotion,which is the key period for setting up the concept of love and marriage.In recent years,a large number of love and marriage programs have emerged that directly address the emotional needs of users and the "pain points" of real marriage,attracting the attention and love of young people.However,in the process of development,they have gradually appeared the trend of entertainment and even vulgarization,and conveyed a more diversified concept of love and marriage,which brings great challenges to the education of young people's concept of love and marriage.Therefore,it is necessary to carry on objective analysis to its influence,so as to put forward corresponding countermeasures pertinently,and guide the youth to establish the correct view of love and marriage.The full text is discussed from four parts.The first part is the introduction.On the basis of summarizing the previous research results,this paper discusses the background of the article,the purpose of the topic and its theoretical and practical significance,and makes clear the difficulties and innovation points of the research.The second part is the elaboration of related concepts.Based on the previous research results,this paper summarizes the concepts of love and marriage programs,youth's view on love and marriage and other related content as well as the development process of love and marriage programs,and makes a preliminary analysis of love and marriage programs and youth's view on love and marriage.The third part focuses on the analysis of the influence of love and marriage programs on youth's view on love and marriage.Taking the popular love and marriage programs in recent years as an example,combined with the Weibo hot search list of related topics discussion,questionnaire and other data analysis,to understand the current situation of young people watching love and marriage programs.Based on the theories of ideological and political education,communication,ethics,law,film and television art appreciation,this paper analyzes the dual influence of love and marriage programs on young people's view of marriage and love.The fourth part is the countermeasures to guide the youth to establish the correct view of love and marriage.In order to give full play to the positive influence of love and marriage programs on young people and guide young people to establish a correct view of love and marriage in a way that is popular with young people,relevant countermeasures are put forward from the perspectives of society,love and marriage programs themselves,schools and youth.Through the study of the influence and countermeasures of marriage and love programs on young people's concept of marriage and love,this paper helps young people correctly understand the practical significance of marriage and love programs,and enables ideological and political educators to guide the concept of marriage and love.Which will help innovate the ways and means of love and marriage view education,cultivate and practice socialist core values,promote the healthy growth of young people.
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