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Research On The Influence Of Offshore Service Outsourcing Development On Service Industry Employment In Gansu Province

Posted on:2022-05-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:B JiangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2507306515461634Subject:Master of International Business
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The development of science and technology has promoted the Internet-based service trade and reduced its transaction costs,which provides an ideal condition for the development of offshore service outsourcing and makes it the main force of a new round of industrial transfer.Offshore service outsourcing has the advantages of reducing the cost of talent flow among industries and exploring the employment potential of the tertiary industry.Since the "one belt and one road" initiative was put forward,China has increased trade with the countries along the border.According to the industrial foundation of the countries along the border,it has divided the "priority","encouragement" and "attention" levels,and has invested in the foreign investment more specifically and hierarchically.The timeline of the thesis study is from the " belt and road" initiative to now.Firstly,the relevant literature on offshore service outsourcing at home and abroad is sorted out,and the related literature on the impact of offshore service outsourcing on the domestic service industry is mainly focused on.Secondly,it defines the theory that will be involved in the thesis and explains the theoretical methods that will be used in the analysis.Finally,the thesis makes an empirical analysis on the impact of offshore service outsourcing on China's employment and industrial structure.This thesis finds that offshore service outsourcing has different impacts on China's total employment and the employment of the three industries,which leads to the change of industrial structure of employment.After analyzing the current situation of relevant industries,the paper analyzes the theoretical model,and then verifies the previous research through model construction and empirical analysis.Finally,related policies of Belt and Road,the labor productivity,wage level and overall employment situation of Gansu related industries have improved significantly,but there are also problems such as slow growth of employment growth and low industrial correlation.
Keywords/Search Tags:service outsourcing, Gansu province, employment affect
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