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Social Workers Intervene To Improve The Self-worth Of The Elderly In The Community

Posted on:2022-07-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2507306542458134Subject:Social work
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At present,our country has entered the era of deep aging.With the decline of the elderly's physical function,weakening of interpersonal communication,lack of social significance,and increasing psychological gap,the physical and mental health of the elderly are seriously affected.Many elderly people develop depression and even commit suicide.In order to enhance the elderly's sense of self-identity,improve the quality of social workers' involvement in community services for the elderly,build a harmonious family and promote community development,it is necessary to conduct special research on the issue of the elderly's sense of self-worth.Through my three-month internship,with the help of the elderly self-worth scale,the self-worth of the elderly in Y community was researched and found that the level of self-worth of the elderly is generally low,and there are boring life,low self-efficacy,The main causes of problems such as strong dependence on others and narrow interpersonal range are the lack of family support,insufficient self-awareness,reduced physical fitness,decline in social status,and the impact of the surrounding environment.In response to the above problems,social workers can be based on superior perspective theory,social support theory and social exchange theory.On the one hand,by increasing the rights resources of the elderly,they can maintain the independence,reciprocity and mobility of the elderly in activities;on the other hand,they can continue to explore the elderly.The advantage of human resources can improve the self-worth of the elderly in an all-round way by improving the interpersonal skills and social influence of the elderly.Social workers have achieved certain results in improving the self-worth of the elderly in the community in many ways.However,there are still many obstacles in the service process.The main manifestations are the poor communication between social workers and service targets,and it is difficult to effectively understand the actual level of the elderly's sense of self-worth.The lack of professionalism and emergency service capabilities,the lack of effective management of the social work service team,the difficulty of ensuring continuity with the intervention of social work,the difficulty of social work mobilizing community residents to participate,and the limited ability to link service resources.For this reason,social workers need to use professional communication,quantitative assessment rules,strict division of labor management,provide fine services,cultivate community leaders,increase community publicity and resource links, enhance the professionalism of social work services and fully stimulate the initiative of the elderly.More accurately and effectively enhance the sense of self-worth of the elderly in the community,strengthen the actual effect of social work intervention,and continuously improve the sense of acquisition,security and happiness of the elderly in the whole society.
Keywords/Search Tags:Social work intervention, The elderly, Sense of self-worth, Psychological measurement, Advantage resources
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