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Research On The Fund Operation Mode And Problems Of University Education Foundation

Posted on:2021-04-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since the reform and opening up for 40 years,China's higher education has made great progress,and the country has also put forward the requirements of building a world-class university.This requires first-class funding support,and sustained and stable huge capital investment is the prerequisite for running a first-class university.Through the university education foundation,multi-channel collection of resources and corresponding support can undoubtedly provide a strong guarantee for the construction of first-class universities.In recent years,the University Education Foundation in China has made good achievements.However,there are still some problems in the fund operation of the foundation.Therefore,this paper studies the fund operation mode of China's higher education foundation.Through the analysis and Research on the current situation and characteristics of financing,operation and investment of “Double First-Class” university education foundation,the fund operation mode adopted by China's higher education foundation can be summarized as follows: one is negative financing,which shows insufficient willingness to actively raise funds,and so on On the whole,the income of the foundation does not make a high contribution to the University's own finance;the second is to tighten the low efficiency expenditure,which is manifested in the strict compression of the internal operation and management expenses and the low efficiency of fund utilization;the third is the risk averse investment,which shows that there is a lack of professional investment talents,the investment income is low and the investment diversification is insufficient.On this basis,this study also analyzes the formation of the fund operation mode of China's higher education foundation,and concludes that the main reasons are: the lack of domestic education donation atmosphere,the lack of quantitative fund-raising objectives and fund-raising assessment,and the expenditure is mainly due to the small total scale of assets,strict control of human cost and investment On the other hand,it is mainly due to the severe external supervision and insufficient internal investment motivation and ability.Finally,this paper puts forward some suggestions to optimize the fund operation mode of Higher Education Foundation: reorganize the organizational structure of higher education foundation;decompose the fund-raising objectives by dual planning;attach importance to the development of small donation;strengthen the diversified allocation of investment;optimize the structure of Investment Committee;establish the fund pool of domestic higher education foundation;establish an effective fund manager selection and evaluation system.This paper is helpful to deeply understand the fund operation mode and characteristics of Higher Education Foundation in China,and in practice,it can inspire colleges and universities to optimize the fund operation of their education foundation and help them improve their operation performance.
Keywords/Search Tags:College Education Foundation, Foundation financing, foundation operation, foundation investment
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