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Survey Of Student Satisfaction In The Canrteen Of H College

Posted on:2021-06-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Canteen,as one of the most important parts of the logistics department,is closely related to the life of each students.The real benefits of students were directly affected by the quality of the food and also the service of the canteen.As a result,the operation of the canteen attract lots of attentions.With the rising in prices in recent years,many college canteens still have been operating in deficits even with the fund from the government.The conflicts among the educational welfare,public welfare and rule of the market economy are the main challenge faced by the college canteen.Students,as the main customers in college canteen,also have the contradiction between the increasing demand and the services from canteen.The advantages of the takeout food services grab more customers with the popularity of the internet,including the reasonable price,thoughtful service,on time,which caused more and more difficulties for the college canteen.The canteen in H college has the situation of low satisfaction from the a result,on one hand,carrying out a survey can help the logistics department to obtain more informations,improve the canteen services and enhance competitiveness due to the result of the investigation.On the other hand,the demand of the students can be fully satisfied by improving the food quality and services.Likewise,it is also contribute a lot to the stable development of the college itself.For the purpose of investigating the main factors that influence the canteen satisfactory,based on the characteristics of the college canteen and theory of the customer satisfactory,combining with the eating habits and intake of the students,the main subjects of the paper were the students from the H college.Take College H students as a research object,designing questionnaires for the characteristics of College H students,completing the data collection process and to perform reliability and validity,descriptive statistical analysis and factor analysis.To investigate the factors of influence and the degree of the factors of influence of the satisfaction of the students of H College,finding the reasons for the problems in the canteen and the factors which need an urgent improvement of the canteen.In the end,the results of the satisfaction survey are as follows: improve the quality of food products;improve the environmental quality of the cafeteria;strengthen the construction of the staff team and attach importance communication between students and the cafeteria.It also provides a certain reference value for the management of canteens of similar universities.
Keywords/Search Tags:college canteen, student satisfaction, influencing factors, suggestions
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