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Research On The Influence Of Science And Technology Talent Gathering On Regional Innovation Efficiency

Posted on:2022-11-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y J WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2507306743978489Subject:Regional Economics
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Innovation is the first of the five development concepts and the driving force of economic development.China is in a new stage of innovation-driven economic development,the key of innovation lies in scientific and technological innovation,the core element of scientific and technological innovation is talent,talent plays an important role in promoting innovation efficiency.How to improve the efficiency of science and technology innovation,maximize the output of science and technology innovation,and create the possibility of more comprehensive science and technology innovation strength and more advanced economic development mode.As a resource element,science and technology talents who hold a lot of knowledge,technology and experience will affect the efficiency of science and technology innovation to some extent.However,the difference between regional S&T talents and innovation efficiency emerges gradually along with the process of reform and opening up.How to improve the efficiency of regional S&T Innovation through regional talents gathering has become an urgent issue to be solved.Based on the theory and analysis of the current situation,this paper first gives a statistical description of the regional talent aggregation of 30 provinces and cities in China,from the four aspects of the density,quality,potential and knowledge overflow of the scientific and technological talent aggregation,factor analysis method is used to calculate the level of regional science and technology talent aggregation,and the level of regional talent aggregation is obtained.Secondly,the Regional Science and technology innovation system is dismantled in three stages,and the regional innovation efficiency is analyzed from the three dimensions of knowledge innovation efficiency,patent innovation efficiency and product innovation efficiency,the results show that the efficiency of the three stages of sci-tech innovation in China's provinces and cities is different.Finally,the paper analyzes the influence mechanism of talent gathering on the efficiency of science and technology innovation system,and evaluates the efficiency of science and technology innovation system of 30 provinces and cities in China by stages,the Tobit model is used to test the effect of the level of talent aggregation on the three-stage efficiency of regional science and technology innovation,it is concluded that the concentration level of science and technology talents has different effects on regional knowledge,patent and product innovation efficiency.On this basis,the following suggestions are put forward:(1)to speed up the training of scientific and technological talents,to expand the ranks of talents,to vigorously develop the vocational education,and to realize "specialized talents" for specific industries,the growth of the scientific research team is not limited to the increase in the number of people,but more importantly to the overall enhancement of the scientific research strength;(2)to encourage the more flexible flow of talents between regions,which requires the formulation of relevant policies at the national level,from the point of view of provincial level,it is to build a nest to attract Phoenix,take all kinds of safeguard measures,and establish a mechanism that is more attractive and suitable for the development of talents,(3)to establish a more sound mechanism for the cultivation and recruitment of scientific and technological talents,with the focus not only on attracting and tapping talents,but also on building the current team of scientific and research talents,in order to improve the efficiency of regional science and technology innovation and raise the level of Regional Science and technology innovation,we should select and recruit more scientific talents and cultivate the Utility maximization problem of scientific research team.
Keywords/Search Tags:Gathering of scientific and technological talents, Efficiency of regional innovation system, Three stages of regional innovation, DEA Tobit model
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