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On The Right Of Appeal In The Leniency System For Pleading Guilty And Accepting Punishment

Posted on:2021-08-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As a young system established after the modification of The criminal litigation law in China,the system of guilty admission and penalty leniency is an innovative achievement on the road of legal system construction in China.Under the background of the new era,it plays the role of improving judicial efficiency and effectively carrying out complicated and simple procedure,and promotes the process of the construction of a law-based society in China.However,in the actual practice process,there is a phenomenon that the accused person appeals again under the premise of applying The lenient system of admission of guilt.The leniency system of confession and punishment and the right of appeal is two seemingly contrary concept,but the collision occurred frequently in real life,the paper through analyzing the typical case of this phenomenon,which leads to the accused person the problem of abuse of right of appeal,and then puts forward the idea of completing the right of appeal The leniency system of confession and punishment,hoping The leniency system of confession and punishment can carry out and implement preferably.
Keywords/Search Tags:guilty plea, lenient sentencing, right of appeal
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