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On The Tort Liability Of Autonomous Driving Accidents

Posted on:2022-08-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the rapid development of science and technology and the rapid development of science and technology in China,artificial intelligence has gradually moved to every field.In the field of traffic travel,the automatic driving vehicle has appeared more or less in people's field of vision.The degree of manual participation varies with the degree of automation of autopilot.The higher the level of automation,the smaller the degree of manual participation,and even in the future to achieve a strict sense of unmanned driving.At present,there is no special law on automatic driving in China,but the infringement of automatic driving is a new legal problem.At this stage,the automatic driving technology is not highly automated and still needs manual participation.In view of the infringement of automatic driving,we need to seek solutions in the existing legal norms.According to the special nature of "artificial +autonomy" of self driving cars,different kinds of laws can be applied.Whether the automatic driving vehicle can be regarded as the legal subject is controversial theoretically.But this paper thinks that the autopilot is a product of artificial intelligence technology,and does not have the independent principal position,so it can not undertake the responsibility independently.It is the subject behind the tort that needs to be responsible for the automatic driving accident,that is,the driver,the owner and the producer,and there is no real joint and several liability between the subjects.In order to ensure the rapid development of automatic driving technology,not to combat the enthusiasm of production and R & D enterprises,we can set up an insurance system for automatic driving,but in the face of the imminent popularity of automatic driving,the relevant legislative work should be carried out as soon as possible.
Keywords/Search Tags:Automatic driving vehicle, legal status, tort liability, Insurance system
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