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A Study On Influencing Factors Of Occupational Identity Of Community Correction Workers And Suggestions For Improvement

Posted on:2021-06-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2516306458971779Subject:Public Management
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Strengthening the team building of community corrections workers and consolidating and developing community corrections work are important measures to improve the national criminal law system and promote the modernization of the national governance system and governance capabilities.The professional identity of community corrections workers is a key factor in the implementation of this measure.Carrying out research on the professional identity of community corrections workers is one of the important contents of the research on community corrections worker team building and has important theoretical and practical significance.Based on social identity theory,social exchange theory,social role theory and other theories,this paper reads relevant domestic and foreign documents,defines the connotation and constituent dimensions of community corrections workers' professional identity,designs questionnaires,and conducts questionnaire surveys,on-site interviews,etc.Methods to carry out research.It objectively analyzed the status quo and influencing factors of the professional identity of community corrections workers in Shaanxi Province,and put forward practical and feasible countermeasures and suggestions in line with Shaanxi's reality,hoping to provide useful reference and reference for strengthening the construction of community corrections workers.The main conclusions and results obtained in this study are as follows: First,the professional identity of community corrections workers in Shaanxi Province is relatively high overall,with an average value of 4.247.The survey respondents generally recognize and positively develop community corrections work and the professional development of community corrections workers.Expected;the second is that the professional identity of community corrections workers in Shaanxi Province is affected by internal and external factors,among which the three factors of age,the degree of attention to work information,and the opportunities for training and learning are significant;the third is in the recommendations and countermeasures From the perspectives of community corrections workers themselves,work systems,and team building,it is recommended to take specific measures such as correct understanding of their occupations and their occupations,uniform dressing and distribution of law enforcement documents,and optimizing the age structure of the team.Write clearly] Improve the professional recognition of community corrections workers in the province,and specifically propose to pay attention to the three groups of provincial community corrections workers,social workers,and selected police,further strengthen the construction of community corrections workers,and promote the continuous work of community corrections healthy growth.
Keywords/Search Tags:occupational identity, influencing factors of occupational identity, community corrections, community corrections workers
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