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Since The 1990s, The US Congress Has Mainly Studied China-related Human Rights Proposals

Posted on:2022-05-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since 1989,the United States has been at the United Nations Human Rights Commission for 10 years to address human rights problems in China,and practical action has affected the interests of national contacts.The participation of Congress is indispensable to the factors behind it,and each time Congress passes a series of legislation or bills on adverse measures against China due to Chinese human rights problems,a large number of interest groups and organizations have fiercely debated the consideration of their own interests.Therefore,the reasons for the human rights problems of China in the United States are complex and diverse,including historical power changes,as well as practical factors,such as the solution of worker rights in trade and investment cooperation and the impact of democratic and free environment on bilateral trade equity.However,the ultimate implementation effect of the bill of rights,whether it can become a binding public law also involves a balance game between Congress and the President.This article lists three classic congressional human rights cases in the 1990 s to research,and search the factors behind from the specific discussion process.
Keywords/Search Tags:Proposals of Human right, Debate of Congress, Interest group, America, Policies to China
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