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Anti-monopoly Laws And Regulations On The "choose One" Behavior Of E-commerce Platforms

Posted on:2022-11-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years,in the context of the rapid development of the Internet era,the competition between e-commerce platforms is becoming increasingly fierce,and even the "two to choose one" behavior finally occurs.This unfair way of competition damages the rights and interests of consumers and businesses,and destroys the fair competition market,which is not conducive to the establishment of a healthy market competition environment.This can be regulated with the help of the anti-monopoly law.Starting with the typical case of "choose one from two" of e-commerce platforms,the article analyzes the regulatory approaches of the anti-monopoly law,and leads to the difficult problems in the identification of abuse of market dominance in judicial practice.In the face of the characteristics of e-commerce platforms such as user lock-in effect,network externalities and bilateral marketability,there are a series of problems in the traditional relevant market definition and the identification of market dominance.This paper puts forward some suggestions for the improvement of regulation approaches for the determination of market dominance abuse,including improving and introducing new relevant market definition methods,improving the traditional determination methods of market dominance and attaching importance to a variety of reference factors for comprehensive judgment.At the same time,it also draws lessons from the handling experience of countries outside the region.Finally,the public interest litigation of anti-monopoly is carried out to try to bring the "two or one" problem into its jurisdiction to regulate it better.
Keywords/Search Tags:E-commerce platform, "Choose between two", Antitrust law, Abuse of dominant market position
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