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Research On The Influence Of Athletes' Initiative Personality And Identity On Career Decision-making Self-efficac

Posted on:2021-06-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S Y WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2517306131480654Subject:Humanities and sociology
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Athletes are the most important talents for the sustainable development of sports in China and the most reliable talent resources for promoting the development of sports.China's sports career starts late,and there is a big gap between the athlete security system and other big sports countries,which hinders the development of sports career.For retired athletes,there are still low employment rate,employment difficulties and other problems.In the face of serious employment situation of contemporary China,analysis the mechanism of action of athlete's career decision-making self-efficacy can make up for the deficiency of the traditional vocational education model,and the athletes of vocational education and career planning intervention,innovation athlete career education mode has very important theory meaning and realistic meaning.In this study,questionnaires were used to study 713 professional athletes using the career decision-making self-efficacy scale,the youth future orientation scale,the proactive personality scale and the athlete identity scale.Data were analyzed by SPSS software AMOS and the following results were obtained:(1)there were significant gender differences in athletes' career decision-making self-efficacy,future orientation and proactive personality(p <0.001),and male athletes were higher than female athletes in all aspects,but the differences were not significant in athletes' identity(p = 0.210).(2)the career decision-making self-efficacy,proactive personality and identity athletes in different age stages of athletes have significant differences(p < 0.001 or p < 0.05),the amount of orientation in the future in the table there is a significant difference(p < 0.05),but in the future orientation of the different dimensions of inspection results besides the future cognitive-density dimension,other have no significant difference were observed in the dimension of meaning;(3)future orientation is significantly correlated with self-efficacy in career decision-making(r = 0.469**);Proactive personality was significantly correlated with self-efficacy in career decision-making(r =0.674**),and proactive personality was significantly correlated with future orientation(r =0.499**).Athlete identity was significantly correlated with proactive personality(r = 0.404**),athlete identity was significantly correlated with future orientation(r = 0.262**),and athlete identity was significantly correlated with career decision self-efficacy(r = 0.279**).(4)the fitting indexes of the mediating effect model were 2/df= 3.685,CFI=0.910,NFI= 0.880,RFI=0.868,IFI=0.910,TLI=0.900,RMSEA=0.061,SRMR=0.132./df < 5,RMSEA < 0.08,other indexes were close to or greater than 0.900,indicating that the fitting index of the model was good.(5)the direct effect of proactive personality on the self-efficacy of career decision-making is 1.172,and the indirect effect is 1.400.The direct effect of athlete's identity on self-efficacy of career decision-making was 0.338,while the indirect effect was 0.643.Main research conclusions :(1)in terms of gender,male athletes are generally higher than female athletes in terms of their career decision-making self-efficacy,future orientation,proactive personality and athlete identity;(2)the athletes' career decision-making self-efficacy,future orientation and proactive personality will gradually increase with the growth of age,while the athletes' identity identity will gradually decrease with the growth of age from adolescence;(3)athletes' proactive personality,identity and future orientation can directly and positively influence their career decision-making self-efficacy;(4)both proactive personality and identity can have a positive influence on athletes' career decision-making self-efficacy indirectly through the mediating role of future orientation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Career decision-making self-efficacy, Athlete identity, Fture orientation, Proactive personality, Occupational theory of social cognition
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