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Research On The Effectiveness Of Physics Classroom Teaching In Junior Middle School

Posted on:2021-09-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2517306230955789Subject:Master of Education
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Throughout the study and practice of the effectiveness of classroom teaching,the education sector has always given great attention in Western countries.In China,such research is still in the preliminary exploration stage.The teaching aiming at cultivating students' abilities are mainly occurring in the classroom.Therefore,it is of great significance and value to pay attention to the effectiveness of classroom teaching in teaching practices.This research mainly analyzed the teaching effectiveness of the current junior high school physics class based on the literatures research and on the basis of the relevant research of the seniors of the learning experts.Through the preparation of the early stage and the observation of the junior high school physics classroom in the recent semester,the positive and negative factors affecting the effective teaching in the classroom were analyzed.After reviewing many literatures and interviewing the teachers front line,the four main negatives affecting the classroom teaching were obtained.The factors proposed an improvement strategy.Teaching practices were effective ways to test theories.Therefore,based on the study of effective teaching theory,this study carried out the effective classroom teaching practices.In order to ensure the authenticity of the students' learning situations before the practices,which was researching based on the physics classroom situation and the students' learning situation in the past three months,and randomly taking the results from one of the tests as the pretest results,then carried out targeted instructional design.In the experimental classes and the control classes to carry out teaching practice,and to investigate and test the practical effects,focusing on improving the effectiveness of junior high school physics classroom teaching,improving students' academic performance and promote student development.The practical results showed that the effective teaching had played a great role in promoting the developments of students.It can help students improve the internal motivation of learning,and effectively help students achieving a sense of achievement in learning.To promote the healthy developments of students.At the same time,effective teaching can enable teachers to reflect on classroom teaching,and can timely discover the three major obstacles of students' learning and provide targeted assistance to promote the "growth" of teachers and students.At last,develop a practical case reflection framework to improve the effectiveness of junior high school physics classroom teaching,taking education teaching theory,teacher development and teaching strategies as the three dimensions of reflection,subdivided into [i]-[xv] 15 articles,teaching practice It shows that this reflection framework has certain guiding significance for teachers to carry out effective classroom teaching.This research was a successful attempt to combine effective teaching theory with teaching practice.It has made a successful exploration for the effective teaching of junior high school physics classroom,and has achieved relatively positive effects in teaching practices.This research has also made effective explorations in research methods,and explored a set of effective methods for close-up,zero-distance feeling real classroom teaching,researching real classroom teaching and analyzing classroom scenarios.
Keywords/Search Tags:Physics Classroom, Effective Teaching, Instructional Effectiveness, Teaching Practice
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