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Research On The Relationship Among Junior High School Students' Sense Of Self-support In Fitness, Interest In Sports Learning And Physical Exercise Behavior

Posted on:2022-10-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2517306329958609Subject:Physical Education Teaching
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The junior high school stage is the key period for the rapid growth and development of the individual body and mind,but the lack of physical exercise of junior high school students leads to obesity,myopia and other physical diseases,and even leads to many psychological diseases,which has aroused the attention of the society from all walks of life.Fitness independent support external security environment is to improve the junior middle school students physical exercise,physical education learning interest is junior high school students to participate in sports exercise and learn the internal driving force,combining motivation theory,this study in order to ascertain the junior middle school students fitness independent support,and physical exercise behavior and the relationship between the physical education learning interest,to improve the junior middle school students physical exercise to provide theoretical support and reasonable countermeasures.This study mainly uses the method of literature,questionnaire and mathematical statistics.By using the method of stratified sampling and convenience sampling,930 junior high school students from four middle schools,namely Meiyuan Middle School,Dongshan Middle School,Xinxin Middle School and Xincheng Junior Middle School,were selected as the respondents for the questionnaire survey.Questionnaire after recycling,using Excle and SPSS21.0 for data analysis,independent sense of support,physical exercise behavior of junior high school students fitness and physical education learning interest in descriptive analysis,use independent sample t-test and single factor variance analysis to analyze the differences,using correlation analysis,respectively,two of the three correlation analysis,the control variable multiple regression analysis and the mediation effect of test research on the relationship between the three.Conclusion: 1.Junior high school students' sense of self-support for fitness and all dimensions are at the middle level,their interest in sports learning and all dimensions are at the above medium level,and their physical exercise behavior is at the middle and low amount of exercise.Gender and grade have a certain influence on the sense of self-support for fitness,interest in physical education and physical exercise behavior of junior middle school students.2.Junior high school students fitness independent sense of support,and physical education learning interest and physical exercise behavior between two positive correlation,and fitness independent support the three dimensions of feeling positively predict physical education learning interest,fitness independent support the three dimensions of feeling positively predict physical exercise behavior,physical education learning interest in the four dimensions of positively predict physical exercise behavior.3.Junior middle school students' sense of self-support for fitness can not only directly predict physical exercise behavior,but also can predict physical exercise behavior through the mediating effect of sports learning interest,which accounts for38.57% of the total effect.Recommendations: 1.Principal: Guarantee the status and facilities of sports.First of all,the principal should set up the idea of health first,carry out the quality-oriented education,actively implement the related sports policies and systems issued by the state,and control the development direction of school sports well.Secondly,the development of sports events with school characteristics,open a full physical education class,extracurricular activities for 1 hour to implement and check,to ensure that students have the opportunity to sports;Moreover,fully integrate the school venues and mobilize all resources,build sufficient and reasonable sports venues,configure enough sports and fitness equipment,to ensure that students have sports venues and equipment.2.Parents: cultivate physical awareness and habits.First of all,parents should be good sports lovers,create a happy and positive family sports atmosphere,teach their children to actively participate in sports,and cultivate their sports awareness;Secondly,organize family sports activities regularly,or participate in school or social sports events together with children to create a strong family sports culture and provide enough spiritual support for children to participate in sports;Moreover,the purchase of family sports equipment,the creation of family sports venues,to meet the children's reasonable sports consumption,to provide children with physical exercise material support.3.Teachers: Stimulate and enhance interest in physical education.First of all,physical education teachers should enrich sports items and organization methods,choose teaching methods flexibly,arouse students' curiosity psychology and stimulate their interest in learning.Secondly,physical education teachers regulate the difficulty of learning and set reasonable teaching objectives,so that students can experience the pleasure of success and keep active interest in sports.Furthermore,we should carefully guide students' sports actions,pay attention to students' psychological changes,build a good teacher-student relationship,and turn it into personal internal sports interest.We should let every student fall in love with sports and participate in sports events and activities.
Keywords/Search Tags:junior high school students, sense of self-support for fitness, Physical exercise behavior, Interest in physical education, Mesomeric effect
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