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Strategies For Improving Teachers' Affinity Of Ideological And Political Course In Senior High School

Posted on:2022-08-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2517306482973589Subject:Master of Education
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With the deepening of education reform and development,higher requirements are put forward for the quality and effect of education.According to the outline of national medium and long term education and development plan(2010-2020),it is pointed out that the fundamental requirements of education work are to comprehensively improve the comprehensive quality of ordinary high school students,promote the diversified development of ordinary high school,and implement the education concept of education as the foundation.More and more schools are carrying out curriculum reform,changing the original teaching mode,and the requirements for teachers' comprehensive quality are also increasing.In this environment,improving teachers' affinity has become an effective help for curriculum reform.The real affinity is to use the depth and breadth of theory as the support,with noble character and broad mind as the basis,with charm and literacy to enhance the affinity of high school ideological and political teachers,so that the ideological and political subject has humanity,the classroom is full of human feelings,there is a common voice between teachers and students,to assist the ideological and political course to make the classroom more harmonious and effectively improve the teaching effect,which is in line with the new era The urgent need to enhance the effectiveness of Ideological and political course teaching is more in line with the actual needs of social development in the new era.Every teacher has more or less affinity,because the importance of teacher affinity is increasingly prominent,improving affinity is particularly critical.This paper uses the questionnaire survey method to find out the problems existing in the affinity of high school ideological and political teachers.The problems include the lack of guidance,attraction and penetration of teachers in teaching.In this paper,from the perspective of teacher affinity,according to the existing problems of teacher affinity,we study the strategies to enhance teacher affinity.Firstly,from the perspective of improving teaching concept,we should strengthen the ideological concept of affinity education and effectively solve students' psychological and ideological confusion;secondly,from the perspective of improving theoretical literacy,we should strengthen knowledge literacy,knowledge literacy,insight literacy and technical literacy;thirdly,from the perspective of constructing emotional connection between teachers and students,we should establish emotional "Empathy","emotion" and "truth";finally,from the perspective of teachers' and students' emotional connection,we should build emotional "Empathy","emotion" and "truth" From the aspect of appearance,we can enhance the influence of teachers' language,the attraction of teachers' posture and the guidance of teachers' teaching.
Keywords/Search Tags:Teacher affinity, High school ideological and Political Course, Promotion strategy
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