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The Influence Of Web Live Broadcasting On Junior High School Students' Outlook On Life And Its Countermeasures

Posted on:2022-06-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2517306491967729Subject:Disciplinary teaching
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As a new communication medium in the Internet age,live webcast has the advantages of both mass communication and interpersonal communication.It has attracted wide attention from junior high school students with its diversified and life-oriented characteristics,and has profoundly affected the lifestyles of junior high school students and the correctness of junior high school students The establishment of a outlook on life.A strong youth is a strong country.Junior high school students are the future successors of the party and the country and the backbone of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.Junior high school is a critical period for establishing a outlook on life.Therefore,we must seize the critical period and use the core socialist values to guide junior high school students to establish a Marxist outlook on life.General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out,“Doing a good job of online public opinion is a long-term task.It is necessary to innovate and improve online publicity,use the laws of online communication,promote the main theme,stimulate positive energy,vigorously cultivate and practice socialist core values,and grasp the guidance of online public opinion The timing,degree,and effectiveness of the network make the cyberspace clear." Through actual investigation,this article summarizes the positive and negative effects of some social phenomena on the outlook on life of junior high school students.In terms of positive impact,live webcast has enriched the teaching resources for junior high school students' outlook on life education,and broke through the time and space boundaries of junior high school students' outlook on life education.In terms of negative effects,such as the widespread social cognitive dissonance,the polarization of public opinion,the deconstruction of objective reality,and the intensification of social stratification,etc.,which are common in the current society.Based on the negative influence,this article proposes corresponding countermeasures from four aspects of live broadcast content,participation environment,live broadcast interactive situation and media literacy.This article focuses on the "research on the impact of live webcast on junior high school students' outlook on life and its countermeasures",and is divided into the following four parts:The first part is the introduction,explaining the research background and significance,the current research status at home and abroad,the innovation points and research methods of this research.The second part is related theories and communication forms of webcasting.Starting from existing academic research,the author combines junior high school students' outlook on life education with webcast,analyzes the correlation between the current use of webcast in groups of junior high school students and the formation of outlook on life,and explores the influence of webcast on the formation of junior high school students' outlook on life.The third part is the questionnaire survey research.The author's summary analysis of the questionnaires on the use of webcasting by junior high school students shows that the use of webcasting by junior high school students has obvious characteristics such as attention to entertainment content,consumerist influence,self-expression,and "star chasing" phenomenon.Junior high school students are affected by the negative content of some webcasts,which also have a certain negative impact on life purpose,life ideals,life values,and life attitudes.The fourth part puts forward some countermeasures to the current problems.The first is to strengthen the supervision of live broadcast content,improve relevant legislation for live broadcasts,and standardize live broadcast content;guide network platforms to self-discipline and promote mutual supervision across multiple channels.Second,families,schools,and society jointly create a good environment for live broadcast participation.The third is to build a live webcast interactive context,build a high-quality webcast propaganda platform,and cultivate anchors with positive communication;pay attention to the participation needs of junior high school students,respect the discourse rights of students in webcasting,innovate the discourse of ideological and political education,and create attractive Strong live broadcast situation.The fourth is to improve the media literacy of junior high school students,strengthen media literacy education of junior high school students,and cultivate their media awareness,so that they can establish a Marxist outlook on life and consciously resist bad network culture.
Keywords/Search Tags:webcast, junior high school students, ideological and political education, outlook on life
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