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A Study On The Implementation Status And Countermeasures Of Swimming Courses In Nanjing Primary Schools

Posted on:2022-07-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2517306506997619Subject:Physical Education Teaching
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At present,the country is vigorously developing the physical health of the people,especially young people.The rate of obesity and myopia among adolescents in our country is increasing year by year.Swimming can not only improve the physical fitness of students,promote healthy development,but also enable students to master survival skills to reduce the occurrence of drowning accidents.It is also an important choice to enrich the school physical education curriculum.The survey objects in this article are school leaders,physical education teachers,and pupils in some elementary schools in Nanjing.Use questionnaire survey method,literature data method,interview method,mathematical statistics method and other methods.Randomly investigate the current status of swimming courses in 20 elementary schools: students' learning to swim,physical education teachers,venues and facilities,course development,and the willingness of different groups to open swimming courses.Analysis of the problems faced by Nanjing elementary schools in opening swimming courses Dilemma,came to the following conclusions:1.Most elementary school students in Nanjing have learned swimming in swimming training classes,but many have not really mastered swimming skills.2.Among the in-service physical education teachers surveyed,most of them do not have relevant swimming qualification certificates,nor are they professional swimming teachers.The relative strength of swimming teachers is relatively weak.3.There are many elementary schools in Nanjing and they are widely distributed,but few elementary schools are equipped with swimming pools.Some swimming pools near the school are generally not suitable for teaching.Most of them are profit-oriented,and it is difficult for the school to cooperate with the swimming pool.4.At present,most of the schools that have swimming lessons mainly teach breaststroke,with explanations and demonstrations.There are basically no other teaching content and teaching methods.The course assessment is relatively simple.A small part of the assessment can involve attendance and classroom performance,and the teaching effect is not good.5.All parties agree that elementary schools offer swimming courses.Faced with the status quo of opening,analyze the obstacles and put forward several suggestions: 1.Strengthen the awareness of safety precaution.2.It is necessary to strengthen the construction of swimming venues in primary schools in Nanjing and use swimming facilities rationally.3.Improve the swimming skills and teaching abilities of in-service physical education teachers,continuously innovate teaching content and improve teaching methods.4.In order to improve the effect of swimming learning,swimming courses should be arranged scientifically and the evaluation system should be improved.
Keywords/Search Tags:Primary School Swimming Course, Implementation Status, Coping Strategies
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