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From Deviation To Healing-A Practical Exploration Of College Students' Dating Violence From The Perspective Of Social Work

Posted on:2022-07-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Dating violence is a special violence between unmarried intimate relationships.In the dating relationship,one party deliberate limbs,speech,psychology,and sexual attacks and harm behavior.The problem of dating violence in college students seriously affects the physical and mental health development of college students,and gradually develops into a focus issue that seriously affects social stability.In this study,90 college students were studied for research objects,and the status quo of college students' dating violence and their presence in their daily love were intervened in the presence of row of dating violence in daily love,and by introducing third-party social power(social work).It is designed to provide new perspectives to solve and prevent college students' dating violence,enriching social work involves practical experience in intervening dating violence.Through the questionnaire investigation,the empirical survey of college students 'dating violence shows: 370 college students with love experience in the survey,370 college students have experienced violent experience,accounting for 72.98% of college students' love,of which limb violence The experience of mental violence and sexual violence is 258(50.0.02%),355(70.02%)and 118(23.27%);violent behavior is not single,but a variety of violence simultaneously in combination;violence the direction is not a one-way,dating violent experience is both a violent object and a violent object;sexual differences in dating violence,except for sexual violence,boys in dating violence is significantly higher than that In contrastness in sexual violence.An empirical survey conducted by the presented ways of college students' dating violence in daily life,found that college students' dating violence presents universal,rationalized,privateized,and "swaying ambiguous ambiguous two can be",in daily In life,in the form of cold violence,paranoid mental abuse,parallelism,and erratic violence,etc.,is presented.The illegibility of college students 'love interaction,the public's misunderstanding of dating violence and the rationalization of college students' dating violence is constraints that hinder the relationship between normally decline and dating violence.Through the BC Social Working Organ Platform,the recruitment order of college students,recruits six college students' dating violent experience as a practical object,and the focus of the focus of the group will be the daily life pressure,dating violence to identify the prevailing,love exchange skills,etc.Demand has developed a group activity intervention target,based on the principles and practical strategies of social learning theory and cognitive behavioral theory,two college students' love violent education team activities with "harmony,and doing happiness" theme,assisting team members learn simple The relationship between the daily couples,distinguish love violence and deepen the correct understanding of love violence,education team members correctly learn the strategies and methods of solving love violence,promote college students 'daily love,strengthening students' self-rights consciousness and safety prevention awareness.This reflection,trying to summarize the analysis of professional communication-establishment-role-analysis-Analysis-Active Education-Team Operation-Mastering Information-Collaborative Leaders-Filling Blank Design This Dynamic Dating Violence Preventive Correction Practice Model.At the same time,practical interventions in practice study tend to be coarse shallow,only use education guidance and prevent dating violence,only part of the social work intervention system,its real value still needs practice,this is this The important defects of research are also an important foothold in the future social work.Therefore,how to achieve the overall intervention of the perimeter,the social support and group education guidance of the violent social support is to completely solve the basic procedures for the issue of dating violence,and only the three organic combines can better prevent and resolve dating violence.Overall,this study puts dating violence in a social work field,emphasizing the problem solving more attention to the main resources and advantages,and highlights the value concept of people-oriented and helping self-service without publicity involvement.Effective alleviation and prevention of love violence,providing new practical perspectives for solving and preventing college students' love violence.Group Work Action Research Based on Realistic Situation and Individual Demand Differences Summarize the design-based prevention and correction practice model,weakenly deliberately assume problems,insist on the availability of values,based on realistic analysis and evaluation,emphasize the action and assessment of practical intervention.Circular process,attach importance to the cooperative relationship between case owners and social workers,rather than the incorrect relationship between the actual and psychological level,more beneficial to the establishment of humanized professionalism,more targeted solution,the needs and problems of the case,Enrich the practice model of social work involve violence.
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