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Research On The Application Of History In Teaching ——Taking The Modern History Of The Outline Of Chinese And Foreign History(part ?) As An Example

Posted on:2022-12-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the continuous advancement of history curriculum reform,historical images,as an important teaching resource,play an increasingly important role in teaching practice,and are paid more and more attention by educators.The 2017 edition of "History Curriculum Standards for Ordinary High Schools" puts forward clear requirements for students to know the historical value of images.In 2019,the textbook edited by the Ministry also paid special attention to the arrangement and selection of historical images.In recent years,in the college entrance examination questions,the coverage rate of historical images is also high.It can be seen that historical images have become a vital teaching resource in high school history teaching.First of all,understand the related concepts of historical images,and distinguish similar concepts such as historical pictures and illustrations in history textbooks.According to the nature of historical images,this paper sums up five remarkable characteristics of historical images: concrete visualization,vivid and interesting,intuitive narration,artistic appreciation and emotional education.According to the teaching process and teaching practice experience,six principles of scientific,pertinence,profundity,accuracy,comprehensiveness and education of historical images from selection to use are summarized.Secondly,the historical images of the modern history part of the 2019 edition of the Outline of Chinese and Foreign History(Part I)are sorted and analyzed in the form of tables,which are divided into five types according to their functions: historical figures,historical scenes,historical relics,historical maps and historical cartoons,and the five types are explained in concept and illustrated with examples.This paper systematically expounds the important value of historical images to textbooks,teachers and students in high school history teaching,especially in promoting students' learning: first,stimulating their learning interest;Second,deepen memory and understanding;Third,improve the ability of historical thinking and innovative practice;Fourth,cultivate the positive consciousness;Fifth,promote the education of emotional attitudes and values.Combining teaching theory with case analysis,relying on the curriculum standards and teaching objectives,this paper investigates the application process of historical images in cases,and finds some problems that need attention when using historical images: First,mining the background information of historical images;Second,ensure the usage standard of historical images;Third,break the mindset of historical images;Fourth,pay attention to the details of historical images;Fifth,Avoid the misuse of historical images.In view of the above problems,based on the theories of pedagogy,psychology and historiography,this paper explores the organic relationship between historical images and history teaching in senior high schools.Taking historical images as an auxiliary teaching tool,from the perspective of teachers and students,this paper puts forward five application suggestions for realizing the core literacy of the five major historical disciplines.In senior high school history teaching,teachers need to make overall plans for curriculum standards,master teaching materials and learning situations comprehensively,look at the role of historical images objectively,and appropriately develop,reasonably select and correctly apply historical images based on teaching links and teaching objectives.Only by helping students master the method of reading pictures,enhancing students' awareness of images and improving students' ability to demonstrate historical materials can the teaching value of historical images be realized to the greatest extent.
Keywords/Search Tags:Historical image, Application research, Compilation of Outline of Chinese and Foreign History(Part ?), Modern history
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