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Synthesis Of Polystyrene Sulfonate And Water Slurry Drag Reduction Performance

Posted on:2001-03-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y ZhouFull Text:PDF
GTID:2191360062975627Subject:Applied Chemistry
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The preparation of polystyrene sulfonates with polystyrene oligomer (PS) and sulfur trioxide (SO3) was reported in this thesis. PS was prepared by free radical polymerization with 2,4-diphenyl-4-methyl-l-pentene as a chain transfer to adjust the molecular weight of PS. The prepared PS were sulfonated with sulfur trioxide, 1 ,2-dich.loroethane diluted sulfur trioxide, and diluted sulfur trioxide-tributyl phosphate complex respectively. The prefered sulfonating agent is diluted sulfur trioxide-tributyl phosphate (TBP) complex and the prefered PS used as feed is the oligomers with Mr1=4000 to 15000. The relationship between the feed composition (SO3JPS) and sulfonation degree of polysulfonates(PSS) was discussed. The 86 percent of styrene monomer unit was sulfonated under the SO3IPS =1.1 and no more styrene monomer unit could be sulfonated with higher SO3IPS. The concentration of sulfur trioxide is diluted to 25% and TBP was added to form complex with the mole ratio of S03/PS =0.05 to induce the crosslink between P58 chains. The performance of PSS used as superplasticier was investigated. It is found that the fluidity of cement molar of calcium polystyrene sulfonate (PSSCa) is larger than sodium polystyrene sulfonate (PS SNa), and sodium formaldehyde condensed naphthalene sulfonate (UNF-5). The difference in the performance in cement fluidity improvement of PSSCa, PSSNa, and UNF-5 was explained based on the aborbing amount of them on the surface of cement. The performance of PSS used as fricition reducers of well cement was also investigated. It is found that the n value of sodium polystyrene sulfonate (PS SNa) added oil well cement is larger than calcium polystyrene sulfonate (PSS Ca) added oil well cement, and formaldehyde condensed sodium naphthalene sulfonate (OMEX 93L, KAO MT-100). The difference of absorbing amount of them on the oil well cement surface was also discussed and the same relationship between n value and the aborbance of the fricition reducer on the surface of cement was found. The determination of sulfonation degree and croslinking degree were also discussed in the thesis.
Keywords/Search Tags:polystyrene sulfonate, polystyrene, sulfur trioxide, sulfonation, superplasticizers, dispersants, fricition reducers, oil well cement
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