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1. The Effect Of Melt Overheating Treatment On The Microstructure And Wear Resistance Of AL-Si Hypereutectic Alloys
2. A Study Of The Processing And Mechanisms Of Grain Refinement By The Addition Of Refiners For Superalloy K4169
3. Elevated Temperature And Superplastic Deformed Behavior And Mechanism In NiAl Intermetallic Alloys
4. Research On The Micro-Modelling Of Metal Solidification Process
5. Studies On Tofu-gel
6. Study And Application Of High-Property Cu-Cr(Zr,Mg) In Situ Composite
7. 0xidation Behaviors Of 3d C/sic Composites In Oxidizing Environments
8. Study On Liquid Crystalline Epoxy Toughening Composite Resin Matrixes
9. Microstructure And Property Of Eutectic Superalloy Directionally Solidified Under High Temperature Gradient
11. Preparation And Transport Properties Of β-FeSi2 Based Thermoelectric Materials
12. The Microstructure Control And Processing Optimization Of Al2O3/ZrO2 Laminated Ceramics
13. The Simulation Study Of Molecule Dynamics On Transition Of Microstructure During The Rapid Cooling Process Form Al Liquid State(943K)to Amorphous State
14. Study Of Microstructure And Nitride In Ion-nitrided Pure Iron With High Resolution Electron Microscope
15. Study On Micromechanisms Of Fracture In Engineering Materials And Optimum Microstructure Design In Ductile Iron
16. Effect Of Alloying, Heat Treatment And Magnetization Treatment On Microstructure And Electrochemical Properties Of AB5 Type Hydrogen Storage Electrode Alloy
17. Electro-deposition Processes, Microstructures And Properties Of Ni-P & (Ni-P)-SiC Coatings
18. A Study On Preparing Bioactive Graded Ceramic Coating On Titanium Alloy By Electrophoresis Codeposition And Sintering Method
19. The Study Of Microstructure And Phase Transformation Behavior Of TiNi Shape Memory Alloy Thin Film
20. Processing, Microstructure And Mechanical Properties Of In-Site Toughened And Si-C-N Nano-Powder Reinforced Si3N4 Matrix Composites
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