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1. Study Of Manufacturing High Grade Lube Oil Base Stocks From Intermediate Crude Oil By Medium Pressure Hydrotreating Process
2. Study On Comprehensive Assessment Of The Regional Ecological Environmental System Security Based On RS, GIS And Models
3. New Methodology In Chemical Data Mining And Foundational Research On QSPR
4. The Method Of Large Scale System For Reservoir Performance Analysis
5. Research On The Biodiversity Distribution Patterns In Mainland Of China
6. Correlation And Assessment Of Heavy Metal Contamination Between Agricural Soils And Food Crops In Chongqing
7. Research On Sea-land Integrated Regulation And Controlling Of Harmony Development Of Economy And Environment In Offshore Area
8. Integrative Research On Ecological Environment Supported By RS-GIS-EIS Technique In Western Jilin Province
9. Chemical Synthesis Of Ring-substituted Polyanilines Doped With Functional Acids And Correlation Investigations Of Their Structures And Properties
10. Phase Equilibrium Of Concentrating Natural Vitamin E By Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Fractionation
11. Practical Study On Gray Forcasting Theory And Evaluation Methods In Water Environment
12. Study On Acid Gaseous Emission And Its Artificial Neural Networks Predication In An MSW-Fired Fluidized Bed
13. The Study On The Deformation And Destruction Law Of Coal Body Under The Function Of Pick Cutting
14. Accurate Prediction Of The Energy And Thermodynamic Properties Of The Molecule
15. Study On The Correlation Between Structure And Properties And Mechanism Of Good Creep Resistance For PPR Used Pipes
16. Analysis Of Urban Heat Island And Study On Impact Of UHI On Building HAVC Energy Consumption
17. Correlation Between Structures Of Liquid And Solid In Some Metals
18. Study On Evaluation And Forecast Technology Of Urban Traffic Atmospheric Environment Influence
19. Theoretical Study On The Operation Mechanism Of Scale And Corrosion Inhibitors
20. The Application Of Two-Dimensional Correlation Spectroscopy On The Study Of Some Representative Polymeric Systems
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