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1. Study Of Water-resistant And Organics Miscibile SAO-ED Luminescent Phosphor
2. New Synthesis Technology And Luminescence Properties Of Strontium Aluminate System Long Afterglow Phosphors With Flower-like Morphology
3. New Process Preparation And Iron Quenching Research Of Aluminate-based Luminescent Materials
4. Synthesis, Characteristic And Light-Induced Function Of AB2O4 Compounds
5. The Sral <sub> 2 </ Sub> O <sub> 4 </ Sub> Long Afterglow Materials, Preparation Of New Technology And Light-emitting Mechanism, And
6. Synthesis And Investigation On Lanthanides Incorporated Sr2MgSi2O7,CaWO4 Long Afterglow Materials
7. The Study On The Polychrome Long Afterglow Phosphors Activated By Rare Earth Elements
8. Synthesis Of New-style Long Afterglow Luminescent Material And Its Properties
9. Studies On Preparation Of Europium Ion Activated Strontium Aluminate Phosphors By Solid Phase Method
10. Study On Preparation And Photoluminescence Characteristics Of Strontium Aluminates Long Afterglow Materials
11. Rare-earth Doped Strontium Aluminate Luminescence Materials Prepared From Pseudo-boehmite Sols
12. Composition, Structure And Properties Of A New Long Afterglow Phosphor With Feldspar Structure
13. Preparation And Luminescent Properties Of Bluish Purple Aluminate Long Afterglow Phosphors
14. Synthesis And Red Long-lasting Phosphorescence Properties Of Ca2Zn4Ti15O36:Pr
15. The Synthesis And Study Of Long Afterglow Luminescent Glass Doped With Rare Earth Ions
16. Synthesis And Luminescent Properties Of New Long Afterglow Materials
17. Research On The Red Long Afterglow Phosphorescent Material Y2O3: Eu~(3+),Ca~(2+),Ti~(4+) Fabricated From Combustion Synthesis
18. The Preparation And Application Of High Performance Silicate Long Afterglow Phosphors
19. Co-precipitation Synthesis And Study Of Long Afterglow Phosphors
20. Study On Chemical Coprecipitation Synthesis Of Sr4Al14O25: Eu~(2+), Dy~(3+) Long Afterglow Phosphors
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