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1. Study On The Adsorption Removal Of SO2 And NOx From Flue Gas With Industrial Semi-Cokes
2. Study On Novel Technology And Basic Theory Of Removing Molybdenum From Manganese Sulfate Solution
3. The Ultraviolet Absorptions Of Coastal Seawater Of China, COD Direct Determination Of Seawater By Ultraviolet Spectrophotometry And As (v) Removal With Chitosan As Adsorbent
4. Adsorption Behaviors Of Calcined Mg-Al-CO3-LDH Towards Removal Of Chloride From Aqueous Solution
5. Preparation Of MgAlFe Hydrotalcite-like Compounds And Research On Its Properties Of Adsorption Removal Of Phenol And 4-nitrophenol From Aqueous Solution
6. Preparation Of Modified Bentonite Adsorbents And Research On Removing Phosphate And Nitride From Wastewater
7. Study On Cu~(2+) Removal From Wastewater By DTPA-Modified Bentonite
8. Study On Adsorption Removal Of Cr(Ⅵ) Using Iron Oxide Coated Granular Activated Carbon
9. Study On Characteristic And Removal Efficiency Of DOM In Leachate
10. Behavior, Treatability Study And Risk Assessment Of Estrogenic Endocrine Disruptors In Biological Sewage Treatment Process
11. The Adsorption Removal Of Low Concentration H2S Over Potassium Supported Activated Carbon
12. Preparation Of Palygorskite/γ-Fe2O3/Carbon And Adsorption Removal Of Phenol From Aqueous System
13. Preparation Of Chitosan Derivatives And Its Adsorption Of Heavy Ions In Wastewater
14. Anaerobic Granular Sludge Adsorption Removal Of Dyes From Aqueous
15. Studies Of Ionic Liquids In Microwave-assisted Extraction Of Active Ingredients Of Chinese Herbal Drugs And Adsorption Removal
16. Study On The Preparation Of Peanut Shell Activated Carbon And Its Performances For Removal Of Chromium Ions
17. Adsorption Removal Of Phosphate Using Iron-modified Activated Carbon
18. Spectroscopic Characterization And Adsorption Removal Of Dissolved Organic Matter From Coking Wastewater Bio-treated Effluent
19. Studies On The Structures And Properties Of Ions Doped BiFeO3
20. Study On The Adsorption Removal Of The Total Cyanide From Coking Wastewater With Resin
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