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21. Determination Of Formic Acid In Cyclohexane From LiaoYang Petrochemical Company's Alcohol-ketone Equipment
22. Electrochemical Synthesis Of Adipic Acid From Cyclohexanol
23. The Recovery Technique Of Adipic Acid And Foundational Research
24. Study Of Cyclohexanol Electrooxidation On Nickel Electrode
25. Study On Fluidized Bed With Immerged Tube In Drying System Of Adipic Acid
26. Study On The Crystal Structures Of β-Cyclodextrin Inclusion Complexes
27. Clean Oxidation Of Cyclohexene To Adipic Acid By Hydrogen Peroxide
28. Study On The Catalytic Oxidation Of Cyclohexanone To Adipic Acid Catalysed Over Supported Phosphotungstic Acid
29. Carbon Materials As Catalyst For Cyclohexane Oxidation To Adipic Acid
30. Study On The Clean Catalytic Oxidation To Adipic Acid
31. The Extraction Process Of α-Amino Adipic Acid From The 7-ACA Effluent
32. Applied Abatement Technology Of N2O In Adipic Acid Production In Liaoyang Petrochemical Company
33. Phase Equilibrium Of Dibasic Acid Mixed System And Its Thermodynamic Correlation
34. Preparation And Modification Of Redispersible Polymer Latex Powder And Powdered Coatings
35. Preparation And Catalytic Performance Of Supported Phosphotungstic Acid Catalyst For Esterification Reaction
36. Process Modeling And Optimization For Oxidation Of Cyclohexanone To Adipic Acid Using Oxygen As Oxidant
37. Synthsis And Modification Of Low-Molecular Weight Water Soluble Phenol-Formaldehyde Resol Resin
38. Study Of The Additives Used In Limestone Wet Flue Desulfrization
39. The Extraction Process Of α-amino Adipic Acid From The 7-aca Effluent
40. Applied Abatement Technology Of N2o In Adipic Acid Production In Liaoyang Petrochemical Company
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