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21. Structure Stability Of TiAu4 Nanocluster With Water Adsorption
22. Molecular Dynamics Simulations Of The Transport Behaviors Of NH4+ And NH3 In Transmembrane Cyclic Peptide Nanotubes
23. Adsorption And Self-assembly Of Water Molecules On Bi(111)
24. Influences Of Surface Property,Oxidation And Adsorption Of Collector For Water Molecules Adsorption On Sulfide Mineral Surface:A Dft Study
25. Synthesis And Application Of NaErF4@NaREF4 Core/shell Upconversion Nanoparticles
26. Simulation Of The Interaction Between Water And Carbon Particles In Fly Ash From Coal Combustion
27. Analyses Of Oxygen-and Nitrogen-containing Compounds In Lignites And Hydrogen Bonding Interactions Between Their Model Compounds And Water Molecules
28. Molecular Dynamics Study On Structure And Binding Energy Of Coagulation Factor Xa Containing Water Molecules
29. Study On The Transport Of Water Molecular In Valveeless Micropump
30. Effect Of Water Molecules On Wear Behavior Of Phosphate Laser Glass At Nanoscale
31. Structural Evolution And Performance Improvement Of Polymer Multiphase Systems Promoted By Water Molecules In Extruder And Their Mechanism
32. Effect Of Hydroxide Ion And Hydrogen-oxygen Functional Groups On Raman Scattering Of Water Molecules
33. Research On Water Adsorption Characteristics And Starch-Water Molecular Heterogeneous System Of HuaQiao Chestnut
34. Many-body Effects In Hydrogen-bonded Complexes Containing Watson-Crick Base Pair Or N-methylacetamide Dimer And Water Molecules
35. Theoretical Investigation On The Interaction Of Superatoms Li3+ And Be11 With Water Molecules
36. Theoretical Studies On Multi-hydrogen Bonds Containing Water Molecules
37. Effect Of Water Molecules On The Mechanism Of Atmospheric Reaction Involving Reactive Halogen Species
38. DFT Studies Of Water Molecules And Impurities Adsorption On The KDP-Type Crystal Surfaces
39. Study On The Structure Of Water Molecules In LiCl Solution Confined In The Graphene Oxide And Its Dynamics Under High Pressure
40. Hydrogen Bonding Interactions Between Protic Ionic Liquids Consist Of Alkyl Ethylenediaminium With TFSA/TFA And Water Molecules,and Their CO2 Absorption Study
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