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41. The Effects Of Charge-transfer To Light-emitting Properties Of Some Inorganic Compounds
42. Synthesis And Luminescent Properties Of Silicate Long Afterglow Phosphors Actived By Europium
43. Fabrication And Characterization Of Rare Earth Long Afterglow Nanofibers By Electrospinning Technique
44. Synthesis Research On Rare Earth Doped Strontium Aluminate Long Afterglow Luminescent Material
45. Preparation Of Luminescent Grade Strontium Carbonate And Application
46. Re-doped Aluminum Acid Strontium Long Afterglow Materials And Characterization Of The Performance
47. Synthesis And Photoluminescence Characteristics Of The Full-color Phosphorescent Material
48. Study On Eu Or Tb Doped Alkaline Earth Polysilicate Phosphors
49. Study On Preparation And Doping Vario-property Of Y2O2S:Eu3+,Mg2+,Ti4+Red Long Afterglow Nanoarrays
50. Controlled Synthesis And Properties Of The Strontium Aluminates Long Afterglow Phosphors
51. Preparation And Performance Of PMMA/SrAl2O4 Composite Films For Luminescent Solar Concentrator
52. Luminescent Properties Of Eu、Dy Doped MAl12O19(M=Ba, Sr,Ca) Long Afterglow Phosphors
53. M2SiO4(M=Sr,Ba) Long Afterglow Phosphorescent Materials Synthesis And Luminescent Properties
54. Of Europium, Dysprosium-doped Alkaline Earth Aluminate Long Afterglow Phosphor Preparation And Photoluminescence
55. Y-<sub> 2 </ Sub> O <sub> 2 </ Sub> S: Eu, Mg, Ti Red Long Afterglow Phosphorescent System Prepared And Spectral Performance
56. Tb ~ (3 +) Doping Of Zno-b <sub> 2 </ Sub> The O <sub> 3 </ Sub>-sio <sub> 2 </ Sub> Glass Long Afterglow Mechanism
57. The The Sral <sub> 2 </ Sub> O <sub> 4 </ Sub>: Eu Of <sup> 2 + </ Sup>, Dy By <sup> 3 + </ Sup> Rare Earth Storing Materials Preparation And Properties Of
58. Y <sub> 2 </ Sub> O <sub> 2 </ Sub> S: Ti, Eu New Red Long Afterglow Luminescent Materials Synthesis And Performance
59. Nanometer Long Afterglow Luminescent Materials Sr <sub> 4 </ Sub> </ Sub> O Al <sub> 14 <sub> 25 </ Sub>: Eu ~ (2 +), Dy To (3) The Preparation And Optical Performance Study
60. The Long Afterglow Light-emitting Materials HfO <sub> 2 </ Sub>: Ti And Zn <sub> 2 </ Sub> SiO <sub> 4 </ Sub>: Dy Preparation And Optical Properties
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