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1. Termites Trap And Cuticular Hydrocarbons Analysis In Plant Quarantine
2. Study On The Efficacy Of New Baits To Control Termites
3. Study On Field Fluctuation Of Fruit Fly And The Application Of Biological Control
4. Study On The Poison Baits Emission System Of The Poison Baits Spraying Machine For Rodent Control In Grassland
5. Development And Application Of Termite Bait For Controlling Ancistrotermes Dimorphus Tsai Et Chen(Isoptera:Termitidae)
6. Study On Canine Adenovirus Type2Derived Vector Used For Oral Rabies Vaccine
7. The Study On Early Development Of Sea Anemone Cereus Sinensis
8. Studies On The Prefernces To Plant-Derived Baits And Insecticide Screening For Controlling Solenopsis Invicta
9. Preparation And Selection Of Immunity Adjuvant And Baits For Oral Vaccine Against Rabies Used In Animals
10. Study On The Environmentally Friendly Chemicals For The Control Of Coptotermes Formosanus Shiraki
11. Managing populations of the vine mealybug, Planococcus ficus (Hemiptera: Pseudococcidae), in Coachella Valley vineyards using inundative releases of the parasitoid, Anagyrus pseudococci (Hymenoptera: Encyrtidae), and baits to control the field ant, Formic
12. Studies On Baits For Promotion Of Maturation And In Vitro Hatching Techniques For Fertilized Eggs Of Redclaw Crayfish
13. Embryonic Development And Effects Of Different Baits On Growth Of Cherax Quadricarinatus
14. Study On The Attraction And Toxicity Of Several New Baits To Red Imported Fire Ant(Solenopsis Invicta Buren)
15. The Study On Sex Pheromone And Baits Of Bactrocera Minax
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