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1. User-Friendliness In Making Dictionaries With English As The Source Language
2. Source-language Conceptual Influence In Metaphorization
3. Being Faithful To The Source Language Culture
4. A Tentative Probe Into Faithfulness In Translation
5. Appreciation Of Translations: A Cross-cultural Perspective
6. Gultural Context And Translation--A Study Of The English Version Of Ru Lin Wai Shi
7. The Study Of The Chinese Loan Words In English
8. On Transmission Of Cultural Images In Translation
9. On Imagine Retaining & Transforming In Translation
10. Pragmatic Aspects In Translating Practical Writings
11. Re-creative Treason In The Way To Faithfulness In Literary Translation
12. On Decoding Models For The Source Language Text
13. The Cultural Connotations And Translation Of Animal And Plant Words In Chinese And English
14. Functional Equivalence In E-C Screenplay Translation
15. Translation As An English Language Learning Aid
16. On The Interaction Between Culture And Translation From The Perspective Of Creative Treason In Literary Translation
17. A Contrastive Study Of Rhetoric In Translation Between English And Chinese
18. Foreignization And Retaining Cultural Diversity In Source Language
19. Relativity Of Translatability Between English And Chinese From Intercultural Perspective
20. A Study On Translation Strategies Between English And Chinese From A Cultural Perspective
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