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1. Translation Of Chinese Four-Character Idioms In New Century Edition Chinese-English Dictionay
2. Translation Of Chinese Four-Character Idioms: A Sociosemiotic Approach
3. On The Acquisition And Teaching Of Four-character Idioms Of Foreigners At Mid And Advanced Chinese Level
4. On The Translation Of Chinese Four-Character Idioms In Bilingual Dictionaries
5. A Study Of Semantic Fuzziness Of Chinese Four-Character Idioms With Numerals
6. The Study Of Non-Four-Character Idioms Which Included By Idioms Dictionaries
7. The Study On The Mordern Chinese Four-character Idioms Antisense
8. A Study On The Errors In The Use Of The Four - Character Idioms Of Senior Middle School Students
9. The Meaning Of Chinese Characters With The Four-character Idioms The Structure Of The Explore
10. Discussion On English Translation Of Numbers In The Four-character Idioms
11. On Error Analysis Of The Acquisition Of The Chinese Four Character Idioms Of Intermediate And Advanced Levels Vietnamese Students
12. On The Employment Of Four-character Idioms In English-chinese Translation
13. A Cognitive Study Of Chinese Idioms
14. Classification And Teaching Methods Of Chinese Idioms For Korean Learners
15. The Research On Chinese Four-character Idioms For Mongolian Students
16. An Analysis Of Chinese Four-character Idioms’Cultural Loss In Translation And Its Compensation
17. A Study On The Translation Of Four-Character Idioms In Shadick’s The Trayels Of Lao Ts’an From The Perspective Of Skopos Theory
18. A CBCR Approach To Allegorical Chinese Four-character Idioms
19. A BR Approach To The Metonymic Mechanism Of Chinese Four-character Idioms
20. The Comparative Study Of The Animal Related"Korean And Chinese Four-Character Idioms"
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