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1. The Preparation Course Before "the Revolution In The Field Of Novel"
2. On Transfer Of Language Styles In Novel Translation
3. Domestication And Foreignization In Literary Translation-A Functional Approach
4. Ideological Discourse In Literary Translation: A Polysystem Perspective
5. On Novel Transiation In The Late Qing Dynasty And The Early Republic Of China (1898-1919): A Polysystem Perspective
6. Foregrounding Theory And Novel Translation-An Empirical Study On Students Translation
7. Semantic Shifts And Logical Cohesion In C-E Novel Translation
8. Functional Stylistics Approach To Coherence Reconstruction In Stream Of Consciousness Novel Translation
9. The Narrative Point Of View In Novel Translation
10. Analysis On Cohesive Devices Of Textual Translation
11. An Intercultural Approach To Translator As Mediator In Chinese-English Novel Translation
12. English-Chinese Novel Translation Criticism In The Perspective Of Bakhtin's Dialogue Theory
13. On The Translation Of Novels From The Perspective Of Translation Validity
14. On The Treatment Of Style Features In Novel Translation
15. About The Culture Of The Mongolian In The New Era Novel Translation Issues
16. Functional Equivalence In Novel Translation
17. Translating English Fantasy Novels Into Chinese: A German-Functionalism-Based Systemic Study
18. A Perspective Of Skopos Theory On Target Readers And Novel Translation
19. A Study Of Translation Approach To A Study Of Scarlet
20. On Meaning Shifts In C-E Novel Translation
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