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1. The Phenomena Of Ellipsis In EST And Its Translation
2. A Tentative Exploration Of Enterprise Translation: Theory And Practice
3. Translation Of Chinese Four-Character Idioms In New Century Edition Chinese-English Dictionay
4. Stylistic Studies On The Chinese Version Of The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn
5. Which Most Suitable For Which
6. Systematic Study On The Realization Of Translation Strategies
7. A Research On Cultural Untranslatability And Its Translation Strategies And Methods
8. On The English Translation Of Traditional Chinese Medicine
9. The Study Of News Translation Based On Andre Lefevere's Translation Theory
10. On The C-E Translation Of Cultural Factors In Tourist Publicity Materials
11. Studies On English Translation Of Chinese Dish Names
12. Functionalist Approaches To Chinese-English Translation Of Public Signs
13. Study On Translator's Subjectivity In C-E Translation Of Publicity Materials From The Perspective Of Skopostheorie
14. A Cultural Approach To Translation Methods Of Terms
15. The Exploration Of Chinese Pun And Its Translation
16. On The Chinese Translation Of English Idioms
17. A Tentative Study Of Translation Of English Metrical Poems Into Chinese
18. On The Translation Methods Of Participle Based Upon Its Stative Role In Computer English
19. English Translation Of Chinese Political Neologisms After The Reform And Opening-up
20. A Tentative Study Of Chinglish From Translation Angle
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