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1. Translation As Manipulated By Power Relations
2. Translation Studies And Cultural Studies: The Politics Of Translation
3. Reflections On Translation And Translation Studies In Present-Day China
4. The Prototype And Evaluation System Of Dictionaries Of Translation Studies
5. From Objectivity To Subjectivity
6. A Multidimensional Study On Literary Translation Criticism
7. Translation Studies In Portuguese Version On Romantic Poems Of "the Book Of Songs"
8. Gender In Canadian Feminist Translation Studies
9. Translatological Dictionary Studies: A Text Linguistics Perspective
10. Evolution And Conflicts
11. The Latest Developments Of Linguistic Approaches To The Translation Studies
12. A Tentative Inquiry Into Translation Policies In China Since 1919
13. A Systematic Study On Ying Ruocheng's Drama Translation
14. From The Dress And Adornment To The Look And Spirit
15. On The Construction Of Translation Studies As A Discipline In China
16. A Kaleidoscope Of Aesthetic Realization: The English Translation Of The Chuanqi Drama In The Ming And Qing Dynasties
17. Translation Studies For China's International Communicaiton-from The Perstpective Of China's International Image Building And Communication
18. Cultural Approaches To Translation Studies: Dispute And Response
19. Traveling Theory: Acception And Absorption
20. Literary Translation Studies From The Perspective Of Aesthetics: Xu Yuanchong' Translation Theory And Practice
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