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1. Comparative Research On Bail And Bail Pending Trial With Restricted Liberty Of Moving
2. Bail System Study
3. On Bail System
4. Researching The Obtaining A Guarantor Pending Trial System
5. On The Perfecting Of Being Out On Bail System
6. The Building Of The Juveniles' Bail System Of China
7. Exploring The Mistake And Resolving The Cause Of Formation Of Our Country's Compulsive Measure
8. Establishment Of Chinese Bail System Upon The Experience Of Anglo-American Law
9. The Study On The Guaranteed Pending Trial
10. Judicial Reform Of Guarantor Pending Trial To Bail
11. The Analysis Of The Problems And The Suggestions Of The Perfection Of The Be-Released-upon-Bail-Trending-Trial System Of China
12. On System Of Bail
13. On The Application Of Bail Pending Trial
14. Reflections And Improvements On The System Of Release Upon Bail Of China
15. Discussion On The Guarantor Pending Trail System Of China
16. The Research Of The Existence Or Abolishment Of Residence Under Surveillance
17. Research On The British Bail System
18. The Research On Canadian Bail System And Its Meaning For Reference
19. The Study On The Guaranteed Pending Trial System
20. Research On The Reform Of Guaranteed Pending Trial System In China
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