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1. China Open Selection Of Leading Cadres System
2. Study Of The Issue Of Democracy In Selecting And Appointing Cadres
3. Party And Government Leadership Cadre Selection And Appointment System Reform And Improvement
4. Party And Government Leaders The Principle Of Selecting And Appointing Cadres Study
5. Chinese Party And Government Cadres Selection And Appointment System Change Research
6. Assessment, Quality And Ability Evaluation System Of Party And Government Cardres
7. The New Period To Improve Public Confidence In The Selection And Appointment Of Party And Government Leaders
8. A Comparative Study Between Ancient Chinese Imperial Examination Systems And The System Of Public Selection And Appointment Of Leading Cadres
9. Study Of Chief Judge System
10. A Research Into The System Of Investigation Into The Responsibility For The Selection And Appointment Of Officials
11. Research On Selecting Chief Leader Of Party And Government In Guizhou Provincial County And City Area
12. Research On Public Selection Of Cadres In China
13. Research On The Reform Of Cadres Selection And Appointment System Of China In New Times
14. Studying About The Public Selection System For Leading Cadres Of The Party And Government
15. Research On The Public Selection System For Leading Cadres Of Tanggu District
16. Research On System And Method Of The Public Cadre Selection
17. Discussion On The Selection And Appointment Of The Civil Servants Of Guangdong Province During The Period Of Nanjing National Government
18. An Analysis Of System Innovation For Selecting Party And Government Officials And Its Political Functionsin The New Period Of China
19. Research On Selected Gratuate Group Selection And Appointment In The Civil Service Team
20. A Tentative Analysis Of Public Selecting Cadre Of Changsha
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