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181. The Objective Research Of Illegally Transferring Or Reselling The Right Of Land Use Crime
182. Comments On The Tax Processing Decision Case Of Dashan Company V.Suqian City Local Tax Bureau Inspection Bureau
183. Research On Rural Pension Security Under The Background Of Land Transfer
184. Research On Government Behavior In Rural Land Transfer
185. The Influence Of Village Cadres’ Behavior On The Efficiency Of Rural Land Transfer
186. Case Study On The Circulation Of Rural Collective Commercial Construction Land In China
187. A Study On Villager Autonomy In The Circulation Of Agricultural Land In China
188. The Present Situation,Reasons And Countermeasure Suggestions Of The Disputes On The Transfer Of Agricultural Land
189. The Protection Of Pesants’ Rights And Interests In The Transfer Of Agricultural Land
190. Industrial Land Transfer Intervention And Official Promotion
191. Research On The Correlation Among Official Tenure,Fiscal Pressure And The Growth Of Land Transfer Revenue
192. Study On The Protection Of Farmers’ Economic Rights And Interests In Rural Land Transfer In Suining County
193. Research On Problems And Countermeasures Of Rural Land Transfer In Ansai District Of Yan’an City
194. Government Behavior In The Reform Of Industrial Land Transfer Under The Vertical Constraint Mechanism
195. The Theoretical And Empirical Analysis Of The Influence Of Local Government Competition Behavior On The Transformation Of Economic Growth Mode
196. An Empirical Study On The Influence Of Local Government Behavior On Land Price
197. Research On Function Issues Of Transfer Of Rural Land Contractual Right In County(District) Governments Of Liaoyang City
198. Research On The Legality Of The Government Return Land Grant
199. Research On The Rural Governance Of Qingyanggou In Land Transfer
200. On The Dispute Of Rural Land Right Confirmation
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