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21. Analysis Of Russia's Ngo Policy
22. "color Revolutions" And The Russian Security
23. Revolution In Other Places: National Politics In The Struggle And Compromise
24. A Study On The Role Of Media In "Color Revolution"
25. The Democracy Output Of The United States In The Commonwealth Of Independent States After The Cold War
26. "Color Revolution" Under The Warning Of The Communist Party Of China. The Reigning Ability Construction Of The Research
27. Contemporary Belarusian Government Opposition
28. The Study On The "Color Revolution" Of The Commonwealth Of Independent States
29. "Color Revolution" Warnings For The Ruling Ability Construction Of The Communist Party Of China
30. Study On The Countermeasures Against The “Color Revolution” In The New Period Of China
31. The "color Revolution" Was Blocked In Central Asia And Its Causes Were Analyzed
32. Russia's Countermeasures Against The "color Revolution"
33. The Threat Of My Country's Color Revolution And Its Countermeasures From The Perspective Of Intelligence
34. Western Media’s Role In Color Revolutions
35. Policy Analysis Process Of Russian Soft Power Towards Ukraine(2004-2014)
36. Media Control And Regime Change
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