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1. A Study On Macro Policy Decision-making In Education
2. On Student Evaluation Of Teaching Effectiveness In Universities-A Stakeholder Perspective
3. Research On The Governance Model Of Professional Programmatic Accreditation System
4. Research On Higher Vocational School-running Model Reform:from The Perspectives Of Stakeholder Theory
5. A Case Study On Educational Stakeholders Influence During The School Based Curriculum Development
6. Research On Financial Governance Of China Colleges And Universities On Base Of Stakeholders
7. Research On University Power Structure Based On The Stakeholder Theory
8. The Study On Corporate Management Structure Of Non-governmental Colleges
9. A Comprehensive Study Of How To Dispel Liabilities Risk For Public Universities And Colleges Based On Stakeholder Theory
10. A Study On The Interest Relations Of Stakeholders Of Private Kindergarten
11. National Tennis Team The Distribution Of Interests Of Stakeholders Analysis And Research Activities
12. The Analysis Of The Relationship Between National Tennis Team And Its Stakeholders
13. Cause And Evaluation Research On Overinvestment Of Chinese Public University
14. On Private Colleges Governance Structure
15. The Study On The Participation Of The Civil Society In The University Governance
16. Research On Financial Governance Of The Public Universities In China
17. Research On The Early Admission Policy Reform Of Harvard University In United State
18. Research On The Strategy Of The Second Classroom Training Program With A Win-Win Aim
19. The Development Path Choice Of Private Higher Education Institution Based On Perspective Of Internal Stakeholders
20. A Study On The Property Right Structure And Governance Mechanism Of Professional Sports League
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