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1. Research On Social Adaptability Of Higher Vocational College In Personnel Training
2. A Study On Cost Of Quality For Personnel Training In Universities And Colleges
3. The Research On The Reform In Model Of Education For Undergraduate In Kinesiology By Rational Choice Theory
4. Research On Women's Football Reserve Talents Cultivation System In China
5. Our National Institutions Personnel Training Mode
6. The Setting Up Of Our Country's KAQ Personnel Training Mode For Modern Higher Education
7. A Study On Theory And Emprical Of High Schools' Cultivating Quality Of Persons Of Ability
8. Patterns And Development Ventures Taking Part In Middle Professional Education And Personnel Training
9. The Research Of The Strategy Of Revitalizing China Through Talents
10. Research And Analysis On The China University Basketball Super League Of Personnel Training Status
11. The Pattern Transforming Expecting Our Country Male Person Football Reserve Personnel Training Current Situation And Developing Studies
12. Chinese Football Reserve Personnel Training And All Of The Various Levels School Take Over Track Feasibility Analysis
13. Research On The Coordination Development Of Higher Education With Economy In Inner Mongolia
14. Study On Talents' Training Pattern In Higher Vocational Education Base On Employment Orientation
15. Function Of Educational Technology In The Unification Of Personality And Socialization To Personnel Training
16. A Study Of Economic Globalization And The Reform Of Universities' Personnel Training Mode (PTM)
17. A Research On The Patterns Of Personnel Training Of Wushu Specialty In Shandong Province
18. Prepare Against Analysis And Countermeasure Of Current Situation Of Personnel Training After The Sports Wushu Set Pattern In Henan Province
19. The Research Of Rationality About "Specially Rises This" Of The University Education In Our Country
20. Investigation Of The Reserve Force Personnel Training System Of Track And Field In Shaanxi Children Sports School
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