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Photoluminescence Performance Of Rare Earth Organic Complex And Its Composites

Posted on:2007-03-09Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1101360185462772Subject:Materials science
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Rare earth organic complexes applied in industry, agriculture, curatorial science and other higher technology industry for strong luminescence efficiency, good homochromy and stability etc, more and more widely. Furthermore, these studys accelerate development of basic science. Counting on luxuriant rare earth resource, in-depth research of luminescence of rare earth organic complex will be important highly for expanding civil economy and high-new technology property. As follows contents have been studed in this paper:( 1 ) The influence of preparation conditions (the method and sequence of adding matters, reaction temperature, stirring rate conditions ) on fluorescent properties of rare earth organic ternary compound Europium-salicylic acid-[l,10-phenanthroline] (Eu(Sal)3Phen) was studied in this work. The study shows the method and sequence of adding reagents have greatly affected the luminescent property of products. Within the range of synthesis temperature between 30°C and 70 °C, the complex compound has a better luminescent performance with decreasement of the temperature. But the performance will decrease when the temperature...
Keywords/Search Tags:rear earth organic complex, luminescence material, fluorescence performance, crystallinity, coordination number, elastomer material
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