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Study Of Machine Product Behavior Modeling And Key Technique Of The Virtual Conceptual Design Oriented

Posted on:2004-02-18Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:X H LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:1102360092997572Subject:Mechanical design and theory
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In recent years, virtual reality technique is increasingly mature. A design environmental which seeing, hearing and sensing integrate a whole is provided by virtual reality technique. Virtual conceptual design also became an importance direction that virtual design is developing. For lifelike of virtual environment concept design modeling technique is brought up to higher require. The model of machine product conceptual design under virtual environment already is not stay no longer stage of tradition's principle sign. But it should have audio-visual and sight. Concept design project is three- dimensional virtual entity and it with virtual prototype machine is emerged in front of the design personnel.. Therefore, under the virtual environment machine product modeling of concept design not only have the static information but also should still have the dynamic information. Under the virtual environment machine product modeling is proceeded. Geometry modeling is a foundation of product modeling and behavior modeling reflects characteristic of machine product modeling under virtual environment. Despite the normal CAD software can express object's sport by use animation technique of computer , but it is very bigly different from behavior modeling of product in the virtual environment.. Aim at the characteristics of machine product behavior modeling in virtual environment, the doctoral dissertation presents a new thinking of modeling.. The major contents and innovation of the research are listed as following.In the doctoral dissertation general situation of virtual conceptual design and characteristics of behavior modeling in virtual environment first are overviewed. The aim and significance of the research work are introduced.Then from its behavior modeling process, we think that it is inside distribute type system of multi-virtual entity to complete the particular mission each other cooperatively.. The behavior modeling method of inside cooperative based on multi-Agent is brought forward. The concept of inside cooperative type, whole modeling and multi- Agent are introduced. And the model of inside cooperative whole type behavior modeling is established.After that we analyzed whole modeling process and whole modeling process is divided into three level of structure, namely entity construction layer, state layer and constraints layer. The model of entity construction, the model of state and the model of constraints are established. This kind of model overcame some lack of the current behavior model. The series modeling mode of the traditional concept design is changed by it and the parallel modeling mode is adopt. Thus modeling efficiency is increased. It suits to concurrent handle and real-time express.At the same time the doctoral dissertation launch into the discussion around the behavior modeling key technique of virtual conceptual design: modeling method, construction of modeling system , modeling tool, calculation model etc. Aim at modeling characteristics of this system Agent oriented modeling method at current is expanded by us. The Agent oriented modeling method of this system is presented. It adopt the method that is moved by target and event to the satisfaction requirement oriented of the Agent. It became "the center with target and event" from the tradition's " regarding function as the center". And each Agent all have target on its own. The organization construction model of Agent is led into . The concept of multi-organization and level of structure organization are outstanding. Organize of Agent is resolved into many more small organization, namely organization of son Agent. This interaction of virtual entity (entity and agent) each other inside these organize are analysis which make the complicated degree of problem be lower. And virtual entity modeling with organization modeling technique of Agent are combined . That Agent organization construction model be established by organization modeling technique provided the context for existence and definition of virtual entity and interaction...
Keywords/Search Tags:multi-Agent, whole behavior modeling, inside cooperative, adaptability, cooperative evolutionary
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