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Research On Technologies And System Of Intelligent Inspection And Monitoring In Manufacturing Process

Posted on:2004-01-10Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:J ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1102360125453616Subject:Mechanical and electrical engineering
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Modern manufacturing is developing toward the direction of flexibility, integration, intelligence and virtualization. So many new requirements of inspection and monitoring are presented to manufacturing process, distribution and intelligence become the feature of inspection and monitoring system. An inspection and monitoring system of Advanced Manufacturing System is studied comprehensively about system architecture, organization and intelligent agent's realization techniques through DAI (Distributed Artificial Intelligence) and other related theories. On the basis of the research, a theory frame and feasibility are provided as to establishing the intelligent inspection and monitoring system.Firstly, with the comparison to centralized-control and hierarchical control, the advantage of the distributed control is analyzed from the point of view to system constitution. Then a distributed architecture model is presented, which is composed of management cell and monitoring cells. Based on the architecture and DAI theories, a Multi-agent system (MAS) model of inspection and monitoring is given, thereby the basic scheme and frame of establishing an intelligent inspection and monitoring system are formed.Secondly, features of the intelligent inspection and monitoring cell are analyzed. Then the models of monitoring Agent and management Agent, which is inspection and monitoring system-oriented, are presented, meanwhile the realization frame of a formalized Agent is described logically.Then, based on the realization method of the intelligent agent of inspection and monitoring system, all realizing technologies of modules of Agent are researched by means of related theories in detail. A state identifying method based on gray relation theory is presented to perform real time inspection of equipments' states for monitoring Agent. A fault diagnosis data interface is given, different diagnosis methods can be integrated through the interface, and a fault diagnosis mechanism which connect BAM (Bidirectional Associative Memory) neural net with backward ES (Expert System) is researched. The communication mechanism among agents is analyzed to create basic communication actions and conversation tactics. In order to harmonize the inner modules' running of agent, a control model based on Petri net is built. Concerning management agent, task allotting method and conflict solving tactics is submitted, and the system state can be assessed through fusion of agents' states. Meanwhile a software based on COM (Component Object Model) and template means are given, the application is built and become a test bed for multi-agent system of inspection and monitoring.At last, based on a typical flexible manufacturing system BQ-FMS, a multi-agent system is built aimed at the inspection and monitoring, the characters of the system are researched and analyzed, and related action tactics are rolled out based on these analysis. Then a sample is run, some tests are performed in a LAN (Locate Area Network) and the research results are validated. Through the paper theories and practice bases are provided for future research work.
Keywords/Search Tags:Advanced Manufacturing System, inspection and monitoring, distributed artificial intelligence, multi-agent system, Component Object Model
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