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Application Study Of Distribution Power Network Reconfiguration And Planning Based On Evolutionarily Stable Strategy

Posted on:2005-04-13Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1102360152465614Subject:Electrical engineering
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With the development of economy, the load on distribution network increases quickly and the network structure becomes more complex because of history and the confusion management. The operation efficiency and service quality are deteriorated. It is one of the important tasks how to optimize the structure of the distribution network, choose the most proper operating mode for distribution network and make the distribution network work in good state to increase reliability for power supply, reduce network loss, equilibrium load and improve voltage quality in power supply area. On the other hand, good development in distribution network depends on scientific, reasonable and predictable project in distribution network planning. It is of important theoretical and practical significance to investigate Distribution Power network Reconfiguration and Distribution Power network Planning. This paper mainly studies the methods of the distribution power network reconfiguration and distribution network planning based on the analysis of distribution network and the optimization of its structure.The structure of distribution network is complex. It covers widely and has lots of spots. It also has much information. Although GIS has established data model for distribution network, it lacks efficient methods to analyze these data deeply. This paper introduces Spatial Data Mining Technology and bring forward applying the integration of SDM and GIS to the research of distribution network. It adopts space data characteristic compare, cluster analysis and correlation analysis, and synthetically utilizes GIS data model and the technology of computer to analyze the distribution network.This paper analyzes the power flow and establishes the model used for structure analysis of distribution network. It regards power supply areas as its object for research. It has carried on index analysis, such as network loss, voltage quality, and reliability and so on, adopts adjacent matrix, correlation matrix, path matrix and sequence matrix to describe the optimizing arithmetic for distribution network and works out the optimizing structure software in distribution network to apply in some area of Chongqing. It has great evidence. This paper puts forward the principle for optimizing structure in distribution network and provides some evidence to reconfiguration and layout distribution network. The paper puts forward immunity arithmetic used in distribution network on the basis of analyzing common uncertainty arithmetic and immunity arithmetic theory .It gets an optimizing project for distribution network, in which the equilibrium of load is regarded as target function. It has been exampled that this project is of higher constriction speed and stronger global search ability. The paper also points out the conditions for distribution network reconfiguration in real time in order to avoid frequently starting the network reconfiguration while distribution network is in operation normally。Improved GA by evolutionary stable strategy the first time. It has been exampled that this project not only keeps the variety characteristic, but also extends the searching space through mutation factor. So it's easy to find the global optimized area, reduce the chance to draw into local optimized area. So the calculation time is reduced. Examples shows that the constriction and searching performance based on ESSGA proved more than the traditional GA in the distribution power network planning. The paper studies the switch planning with ESSGA also based on the network planning.
Keywords/Search Tags:distribution network reconfiguration, distribution network planning, Space Data Mining, immunity arithmetic, evolutionary stable strategy
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