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A Study On Planning, Designing And Evaluation Of Fishing Port Engineering

Posted on:2006-09-24Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:J S GuiFull Text:PDF
GTID:1102360155958208Subject:Port, Coastal and Offshore Engineering
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Fishing port is the main place for fishery production and fishermen lift. There are some problems in the planning and designing, which are restricting the development of fishing ports, and they are investigated in this paper. The distribution plan of regional fishing ports is studied by using of genetic algorithms and other optimization methods; the structural reliability of fishing ports is investigated by the artificial neural network methods; the evaluation methods of fishing port are found out by using of the fuzzy mathematics. The main research results are as follows:1 .The distribution plan method of regional fishing portsThere are many fishing ports all over out country, but most of them are on a relatively small scale and their developments are not balanced. If the average investment funds are made to all the fishing ports, it will be very difficult to form the predominant projects. A mathematic model is put forward in this paper, in which the facts of costs of fishing, land transportation, sea transportation, cargo loading and unloading, fishery product processing, port construction and modification, and sales profit of the fishery products are fully considered. Through some examples' analysis, it can be known that this method has generality, practicability and maneuverability for the distribution plan of regional fishing ports.2. The whole response surface method for structural reliability analysis of fishing ports The response surface method for structural reliability analysis is often used when theperformance function is unknown. The author divided the response surface method into two different type methods, port response surface method and whole response surface method. The part response surface method can only match the real limit state surface well in the local area near the confirmatory calculation point, and the whole response surface method can match the real limit state surface well in the whole area. The method of quadratic polynomials and artificial neural network are in common use which belong to the part response surface methods. The whole and improved whole response surface method of artificial neural network (ANN) and fuzzy neural network(FNN) proposed in this paper belong to the whole response surface methods. Through the illustration and comparison analysis, it can be known that the improved whole response surface methods of ANN and FNN are the best among all the above methods, by which the quantity of calculation of finite element analysis is reduced, and the accuracy of calculation is increased.3. The fuzzy evaluation method of fishing port gradesBased on a lot of researches, the evaluation index system of fishing port grades has been established. The distributive values of evaluation indexes are calculated by Delphi and AHP, the evaluation grades of fishing ports are obtained by using of the fuzzy evaluation methods. The evaluation method of fishing port grades is totally new scientific method. It has not only the theoretical significance but also the application value.
Keywords/Search Tags:fishing port, structural reliability, response surface, layout plan, grade evaluation, artificial neural network, genetic algorithms, fuzzy logic
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