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Development Of Bipolar Nickel Metal Hydride Battery And The Energy Management System For Hybrid Vehicle

Posted on:2007-10-14Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1102360185968078Subject:Applied Chemistry
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With the popularization of cars, we have to face two serious problems: pollution of the environment and consumption of energy. Electric vehicle can effectively reduce the pollution of exhaust air. At present, R&D of high power battery restricts the development of electric vehicle. Ni/MH battery is a new type of power source, which adopt hydrogen storage alloy as active material of negative electrode. It has many advantages: high energy density, high power density, long cycle life, superior safety, low price and no pollution. It is considered as the first choice of power source for electric vehicle. Traditional Ni/MH battery pack is composed of series connected cells. There are connection parts such as electrode tab, connection bar, battery case, etc., these increase the weight and intrinsic resistance of the battery. Bipolar Ni/MH battery has layered structure. There are no specialized connection parts inside bipolar battery. Bipolar battery has the following advantages: compact structure, high energy density and high power density. It can better meet the requirement of hybrid electric vehicles.In this thesis, we focus on the problems that appear during battery design and manufacture. Battery structure and manufacture parameters are improved, new type of bipolar Ni/MH battery is prepared, resistance distribution is studied, and method of electrode modification is improved. Battery model is built up using artificial neural network, and is used to predict the electrochemical performance of the battery. Hardware and software of battery management system are designed, and are debugged to reasonably manage the battery.Firstly, structure and process parameters of Ni/MH battery are improved. New type bipolar Ni/MH battery with many cells is prepared. The effect of parameters such as preparing process of positive and negative electrode, capacity ratio of positive and negative electrode, electrolyte, sealant, etc. is studied. The basic processing parameters of bipolar Ni/MH battery are specified. Improved structure of bipolar battery proposed by focusing on the problems within the structure of bipolar battery. Bipolar Ni/MH battery with five cells and improved structure is prepared. Electrochemical performances of the battery are tested. The battery has superior high...
Keywords/Search Tags:Bipolar nickel metal hydride battery, electric vehicle, resistance distribution, surface modification, artificial neural network
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